Top 20 Best Private Primary Schools In Kenya 2024

Best Kenyan private primary schools

Choosing the right primary school for your child is a crucial decision that sets the foundation for their academic growth and journey. In Kenya, parents consider various factors to ensure their children receive a well-rounded education. Some critical aspects Kenyan parents consider are academic excellence, experienced teachers, strong values, co-curricular activities, a safe environment, and … Read more

List Of Kalenjin Names and Their Meanings 2024

Kalenjin names with meanings

Here is a list of the best Kalenjin names for both girls and boys that are inspirational, unique and powerful. In Kalenjin, names that mostly start with CH are for women while names that start with a K are mostly for Kalenjin men. The Kalenjin are a group of Southern Nilotic tribes descending from Maliri … Read more

Top 10 Highest-paid Lawyers In USA (2024 Ranking)

Highest paid lawyer in America

What is a Lawyer? A lawyer advises and represents individuals or organizations in legal matters. Depending on their specialty and what type of law they practice, a lawyer may represent a client in civil or criminal court, or help a client write a will. Lawyers may work for nonprofit organizations or for federal, state or local … Read more

Scrap Metal Dealers In Kenya (Full List) 2024

Scap metal dealers in Kenya

From different parts of the country, Nairobi to Mombasa, Kisumu and Nakuru just to name a few, these are the scrap metal dealers in Kenya and their contact information. Scrap consists of recyclable materials, usually metals, left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, building supplies, and surplus materials. Unlike waste, scrap has monetary value, especially … Read more