50 Best Strawberry Pick Up Lines (NEW)

Strawberries are a favorite summer fruit. They appear in everything from yogurt to desserts and salads. They’re a low-glycemic food, meaning they have little effect on blood sugar.

This makes them a tasty option for people looking to control or lower their glucose levels.

June is usually the best time to pick fresh strawberries, but they’re available in supermarkets year-round.

They’re delicious fruits that are not only sweet but make amazing pick up lines that actually work.

These are our top 50 pick up lines of the greatest, funny, sweet and smooth strawberry pick up lines to flirt with today.

Best Strawberries Pick Up Lines:

  1. ● I am into you the way I am into my strawberries.
  2. ● The best place to have strawberries is on my bed.
  3. ● If you were a berry, I would bring you down.
  4. ● I froze some strawberries last summer; you are hot enough to defrost them.
  5. ● Breathe the fresh air with me as I feed you strawberries with my own hands.
  6. ● Darling, if you’d be a fruit, you must be a strawberry because I love eating strawberries.
  7. ● You know I had a devil fruit because I wish to drown in your eyes.
  8. ● Every time I look at your strawberry-colored lips, I feel like kissing them.
  9. ● Hey, would you like some fruit punch? Because I am pretty calm.
  10. ● I cherish you.
  11. ● Girl, you are the strawberry of my eye.
  12. ● Whenever you look at me, my cheeks turn into strawberries
  13. Strawberries are nature’s best berries. Would you like to have some at my place?
  14. ● A Sunday spent picking strawberries from our backyard is all that I am looking for.
  15. What would you call a sad strawberry? A blueberry.
  16. ● Are you an apple? Because eating you will keep me healthy.
  17. ● You are the life fruit that will complete me.
  18. ● I know you want to receive chocolate-covered strawberries for your birthday, and I promise to fulfill your wish.
  19. ● I will never forget to get you strawberries on special occasions for you.
  20. ● Do you prefer eating oranges all night?
  21. ● Would you mind if I borrowed your time to make strawberry marmalade with me?
  22. ● The absolute pleasure lies in strawberry fields.
  23. Strawberry season is the best season to brew up some romance.
  24. ● What is that thing that resembles half a strawberry? The other half.
  25. ● Do you mind if I take the berry out of your drink?
  26. ● If I were a fruit fly, I would sit on you all day.
  27. ● What does one strawberry say to another? We wouldn’t be in this jam if you weren’t as sweet as you are.
  28. ● What would you call a strawberry that uses foul language? Berry rude.
  29. ● Nothing comes closer to picking up strawberries from my farm. It will make you realize how sweet and romantic I am.
  30. ● I’d love to go to your place and enjoy strawberries with Nutella and all the pleasure that comes with it.
  31. ● Your lips remind me of the strawberries of my orchard.
  32. ● If you plan to impress my family, you better bring strawberries.
  33. ● You are my favorite fruit because only you are the apple of my eye.
  34. ● Want to taste your strawberry-tasted lips?
  35. ● I would love to share a mouth-to-mouth strawberry with you.
  36. ● If you want my heart, you better get me strawberries.
  37. ● I know you got a sweet tooth and strawberry youth.
  38. ● Our favorite dessert is chocolate-covered strawberries.
  39. ● Are you a fruit? Because honeydew, you have no idea how fine you look.
  40. ● I bet your strawberries aren’t sour.
  41. ● We can have a gala time by covering strawberries with chocolate to eat them later.
  42. ● Do you maybe want to go to a strawberry field with me?
  43. ● Baby, do you want to share a banana split? I will help you split and pop it.
  44. ● Let’s go out and pick strawberries.
  45. ● The red on your lips reminds me of strawberries.
  46. ● Happiness means picking strawberries together.
  47. ● You can call me Cherry because I will always be on top of you.
  48. Why do you speak so sweetly? Have you been eating strawberries?
  49. ● Your peach must be a fantastic fruit to munch on.
  50. ● Are you that strawberry that my mind keeps going back to? Because I want to pick you up.
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