Becky Citizen TV Show Theme Song Lyrics

Becky citizen TV song lyrics

Here is the swahili intro and theme song of the brand new TV show on Citizen TV that’s titled Becky.

The drama TV series is filled with heartbreaks and hard times, full of secrets that come to light and true love that can’t be shaken.

If you enjoy the show on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday stating from 7:30 PM East African Time.

Then you probably love the theme song of Becky Series on Citizen TV.

If that’s the case, below is the song Becky Lyrics in Swahili.

Becky Citizen TV Song Lyrics:


Tenzi za hulka, naziona kama mionzi

Maisha dhoruba, heri angekuwa jonzi

Wingu lilivyofunga, heri hata kiangazi

Na wala ushujaa, Leo limejaa majonzi

Raha ya ua, ilikiwa na umanti nzuri,

Kupita mwili Kizidi ua, Inageuka Shubiri


Aah aah aah aah aaah

Nionee huruma

Aah aah aah aah aaah Nitulize mtima

Aah aah aah aah aaah Nitamlilia Nani

Becky ooh Becky ooh Becky

Nitamkimbilia Nani

Becky ooh Becky ooh Becky….

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