List Of Best Banks for Fixed Deposit in Kenya in 2024

Best banks in Kenya for deposit interest

When it comes to investing in fixed deposits, the interest rate is a crucial factor. In Kenya, several banks offer competitive rates, making them attractive for savers looking to maximize their returns.

Understanding Fix Deposit in a Bank

A fixed deposit, also known as a term deposit, is a financial instrument provided by banks that offers a higher interest rate compared to regular savings accounts.

The key characteristic of a fixed deposit is that the depositor must agree to leave a lump sum amount with the bank for a predetermined period, ranging from a few months to several years.

During this time, the deposit earns interest at a fixed rate. The principal amount (the money deposited), along with the accrued interest, is returned to the depositor at the end of the term.

This makes fixed deposits a secure and predictable investment option. Here are the top Kenyan banks providing the highest interest rates on fixed deposits today.

Kenyan Banks with the Highest Interest Rates on Fixed Deposits:

1. KCB Group

KCB Group offers attractive interest rates on fixed deposits, with customers seeing significant growth in their earnings. The bank has reported a substantial increase in interest paid to depositors.

2. Equity Group

Equity Bank Group provides up to 7% interest on fixed deposits. The bank’s depositors have enjoyed considerable returns, reflecting the institution’s strong financial performance.

3. Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Co-operative Bank of Kenya offers an interest rate ranging between 6.3% and 7% per year on fixed deposits. This makes it a favorable option for those looking to secure higher returns on their savings.

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4. NCBA Group

NCBA Group stands out with an impressive interest rate of up to 10% per annum on fixed deposits. This high rate is indicative of the bank’s robust financial health and commitment to rewarding its customers.

5. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya offers interest rates on fixed deposits ranging from 1% to 5% per year. Although slightly lower, it remains a reliable option for fixed deposit investments.

6. Stanbic Bank Kenya

Stanbic Bank Kenya provides up to 14% interest on savings, making it one of the highest-paying banks for fixed deposits in Kenya. This high rate ensures significant growth for depositors’ funds.

7. I&M Group

I&M Group offers an interest rate of up to 12% per year on fixed deposits. The bank has shown a strong commitment to providing substantial returns to its customers.

8. DTB Bank Kenya

DTB Bank Kenya offers up to 3.25% interest per annum on fixed deposits. While this rate is lower than some of its counterparts, it remains a solid choice for fixed deposit investors.

9. Absa Kenya

Absa Kenya pays up to 10.75% interest per year on fixed deposits, reflecting its strong financial performance and customer-centric policies.


Choosing the right bank for fixed deposit investments can significantly impact the returns on your savings.

The banks listed above are among the top in Kenya, offering competitive interest rates that ensure your money grows securely and steadily.

Whether you prioritize higher rates or the stability and reputation of the institution, these banks provide excellent options for maximizing your fixed deposit returns.

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