45+ Best Dog Pick Up Lines 2024

Dogs pick up lines

Dogs are our best animal friends and the pick up lines we have on this list below is full of unique, dirty and funny dogs pick up lines that actually work.

Dog is a domesticated descendant of the wolf. Also called the domestic dog, it is derived from extinct Pleistocene wolves, and the modern wolf is the dog’s nearest living relative.

Dogs were the first species to be domesticated by hunter-gatherers over 15,000 years ago before the development of agriculture. 

If you are looking for the best dog pick up lines to pick up a girl who has a dog or owns a puppy go ahead and read the best dogs pick up lines below.

Use these dogs pick up lines to flirt with a dog owner, dog walker, and any dog lover will definitely fall for these pick up lines that are dog and puppy inspired.

Dog Pick Up Lines:

I need a place to bury my bone. Mind helping me out?

(Sniffs) You smell really familiar. 

Is this where you pee every time?

This morning my dog was busy dog was busy chasing his tail. I think the poor thing was just trying to make both ends meet.

The babe is as cold as a Chili dog.

Can I fetch you a tennis ball?

I’ll follow you everywhere you go. Your beauty has put a leash around my life.

If I say ‘bitch’, you should know I mean it as a compliment!

(Sees friends coming) Wow, who let the dogs out?

What do you get to call a big dog that meditated? Aware wolf!

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Is that you dogs tail wagging all the time I’m around, or are you just always happy to see me?

How can you make a dog stop smelling? You just hold its nose!

Come on, don’t make me beg for it like this?

Is it warm out here or are am I in heat? 

You want to know why the dog didn’t speak to his foot? Because it doesn’t make sense to speak back to talk back to your paw! 

If you are interested, I’m looking for a leash-free relationship.

I enjoy being pawed.

I swear, babe, a day with you is like an eternity of behind-the-ear scratches, for real.

Hello, Mister. Howl are you doing right there?

What do you get anytime you cross a sheepdog holding a rose? You get a collie-flower! If you let me be your tramp, I’ll be your lady.

I ran here to fetch you. So let’s get going already, shall we?

I’m a bulldog in the sheets, but a poodle in the streets.

If you agree to go on a date with me, I’ll but you a liver treat.

I’ve gone through all the dog parks in the world to find a ‘bitch’ like you.

Who got you steamed so well? Cause you look like a freaking hot dog!

I’ll be standing right here just in case you’re looking for an Alpha dog.

Your dog laughs at every joke being told. It must be a Chi-ha-ha breed.

I’m just here looking for a little tail.

What happens when you cross a dog with a phone? You get a golden receiver!

Can I bury my bone in your hope?

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Oh, wow! You’ve got yourself a really nice dog there. Does it have a phone number?

What does her dog and her phone have in common? They both have collar I.D on them!

It was truly love at first sniff.

Whoa! Look at those amazing puppies over there!

I’d be an obedient dog just for you, my fair lady.

I want to take you go see Mama. So, are we going over to your doghouse or mine?

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