Top 10 Best Driving Schools In Kenya 2024

Best driving schools in Kenya

For those aspiring to drive on Kenyan roads, choosing the right driving school is crucial to becoming a safe and skilled driver.

With many options available, it’s critical to consider various factors that contribute to comprehensive and practical driving education.

In Kenya, these factors include accreditation, experienced instructors, safety measures, course offerings, and reputation.

Here, we present Kenya’s ten best driving schools and how each satisfies these criteria.

Top Driving Schools In Kenya:

1. AA Kenya Driving School

With a history of excellence and a strong reputation, AA Kenya Driving School is a pioneer in driving education.

Accredited by the Automobile Association of Kenya, this school ensures high theoretical and practical training standards.

Their certified instructors prioritize road safety and offer a variety of courses tailored to different skill sets.

Location: Nairobi.

Categories: Motorcycles (A2), Saloon cars (B1, B2, and B3), Light Trucks (C1), and Buses (D1).

Contacts: Phone: 0709 933 000 | 0709 933 999


2. Petanns Driving School

Petanns Driving School stands out for its well-maintained vehicles, experienced instructors, and comprehensive training programs.

Petanns equips learning drivers with the skills to navigate Kenyan roads confidently by perfectly balancing classroom instruction and hands-on practice on the actual roads.

Location: Nairobi

Categories: class A3 & A2 for motorcycles, B1 for light passenger cars.

Contacts:+254 721 328 383


3. Heltz Driving School

Heltz Driving School’s commitment to quality training shines through its experienced instructors and well-structured curriculum.

The school emphasizes safe driving practices and prepares aspiring motorists to become responsible and skilled drivers for Kenyan road challenges.

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Location: Nairobi.

Categories: classes A to D.

Contacts: Call: 0717338288/ 0743552541


4. Right Way Driving School

A driving school with a strong emphasis on safety and skill development, Right Way Driving School is a top choice for aspiring drivers.

Their structured courses and patient instructors create an ideal learning experience for those looking to master the art of driving on Kenyan roads.

Location: Nairobi.

Categories: All Categories.

Contacts: Tel: 0720826071/ 0733825989,


5. Advanced Driving Academy

Standing at the forefront of driving education, Advanced Driving Academy is a beacon of excellence for those eager to elevate their driving skills to the next level.

With decades of history, this academy has cultivated a reputation for providing advanced training beyond the basics.

The experienced instructors tailor their courses to drivers looking to refine their techniques and master complex driving scenarios.

Location: Nairobi.

Categories: All Categories.

Contacts: +254726478508 | +254726478497 | +254726478426


6. Rocky Driving School

Rocky Driving School’s widespread presence across Kenya signifies its dedication to providing quality education.

With a team of experienced mentors and flexible schedules, Rocky Driving School presents a highly convenient and consistently dependable choice for individuals seeking to acquire driving skills.

Location: Nairobi and several other branches across Kenya.

Categories: Category B, Category CE.

Contact: +254 702 552 222

7. Rafiki Driving School

Rafiki Driving School’s friendly and patient instructors make it an ideal choice for timid beginner drivers.

They offer a variety of lessons to suit individual needs, ensuring that students are well-prepared for theoretical and practical driving challenges to expect on any road.

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Location: Nairobi Kenya

Categories: All categories

Contacts: Phone Number. +254203745959

8. Glory Driving School

Glory Driving School is a prominent figure in Kenya’s driving education, offering comprehensive training across all driving categories; its commitment to excellence and affordability sets it apart.

Boasting a network of more than six branches across Nairobi, this school provides accessible and top-notch driving classes for learners of varying ages.

Aspiring drivers seeking quality lessons paired with budget-friendly options are all accommodated by Glory Driving School.

Location: Nairobi

Categories: All categories/classes.

Contacts: +254 020 222 1611

9. Defensive Driving Systems Limited

With a strong foundation in driving, Defensive Driving Systems Limited has rapidly emerged as a notable player in Kenya’s driving education scene.

It specializes in equipping its students with driving skills and the knowledge to navigate the roads defensively.

Defensive Driving Systems Limited focuses on imparting techniques to avoid car hijacking and offers insights into vehicle maintenance and purchasing.

It is well renowned for providing valuable resources for those seeking a comprehensive education in defensive driving, with a dedication to imparting safety-conscious skills.

Location: Nairobi

Categories: (All Categories) light vehicles to heavy ones

Contacts: Cell phone: +254 (0) 733 722518 / 723 949389

10. Uplands Driving School

Uplands Driving School is a trailblazer in Kenya’s driving education landscape with a resolute mission to lead by teaching the finest driving techniques.

Their commitment revolves around instilling optimal driving practices and safety consciousness by continually enhancing instructor skills, integrating advanced teaching tools, and fostering a personalized learning environment to empower their learners with the skills, talent, and knowledge needed to become adept and responsible drivers.

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Location: Branches within Nairobi

Categories: Light Motorcycle – Category A2, 3 Wheelers/ Couriers – Category A3, Light Vehicle – Category B, Light Trucks- Category C, Medium Trucks- Category C, Heavy Trucks with trailer – Category CE

Contacts: +254763299260, +254729064291,


The quest for safe and skilled driving becomes critical in the dynamic tapestry of Kenya’s bustling roads, where navigating diverse traffic conditions is a daily occurrence.

The ten best driving schools in Kenya stand not just as names on a list but as beacons of hope for drivers-to-be.

These schools, equipped with experienced instructors, comprehensive courses, and a commitment to safety, represent the roadmap to confident and responsible driving amidst the challenges of Kenyan roads.

As you embark on your journey to obtain that coveted license, remember that the best driving schools are not just educators; they are your partners in navigating the open roads of Kenya with confidence and assurance by joining the league of proficient drivers who honor the road rules, prioritize safety, and carve a smoother path ahead for all.

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