Top 10 Best Female Rappers In South Africa [Ranked] 2023

Best female rappers in South Africa

Who’s South Africa’s best Hip-hop female rapper today?.

When it comes to Hip-hop music and rap in South Africa, male artists in the country have dominated the industry.

But there is room for the women rappers in SA and these are the most untouchable women rappers in South Africa.

South African female rappers are among the best Hip-hop artists in Africa.

If you are a fan of South African hip hop, then you have definitely come across these female rappers in SA.

Ranked by how talented, influential and greatest music ever released by South African female rappers.

Nadia Nakai is currently the best female rapper in South Africa and one of the most talented hip hop artists in the country.

Here are the top 10 best rappers in South Africa who are women taking over the rap industry.

Best South African Female Rappers:

  1. Nadia Nakai
  2. Fifi Cooper
  3. Rouge
  4. Gigi Lamayne
  5. Boity
  6. Yugen Blakrok
  7. Moozlie Read
  8. Dope Saint Jude
  9. Tyrant the Rapper
  10. Patty Monroe
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