Top 10 Best Reggae MCs In Kenya [Ranked] 2024

Who is the best reggae MC to hire for a spectacular reggae event?.

When it comes to MCing reggae music whether in an event at night, in a club, music video, hype of a show, concert or launching a new product in Kenya.

These are the best reggae MC to consider this year if you want to have the most amazing experience in a single event.

Reggae MCs In Kenya make the music, which is reggae music have more life and talk things that Kenyans relate to make the reggae music experience more enjoyable.

If you are looking for the best reggae MCs in the country.

Look no further, because below is the ranking of the top most popular, loved and the best MC in Kenya according to Kenyan Magazine for reggae music listed in no particular order.

Best Reggae MCs In Kenya:

  1. MC Fullstop
  2. MC Teargas
  3. MC Phillipo
  4. MC Junior Dread
  5. Jahwatchy
  6. Simple Simon Reggae MC
  7. MC Masilver
  8. MC DMajail Fulizaa
  9. Kevo Badd
  10. Stevo Toboa Siri

Other good reggae MCs in the country include MC Teargas and MC D Majail.

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