Top 15 Biggest Malls In Africa 2024

Biggest malls in Africa

Africa is a land of vast beauty and extraordinary wildlife.

 It is also home to some of the largest malls in the world. 

From the glitz and glamor of South Africa’s Sandton City Mall to the traditional markets of Marrakech, these malls offer something for everyone. 

Whether you are looking for high-end fashion or local souvenirs, you will find it at one of Africa’s top malls.

 So, if you are looking for an unforgettable shopping experience, be sure to check out one of Africa’s largest malls.

Largest Malls In Africa:

1. Morocco  Mall

The mall is located on the West coast of Morocco in Casablanca.

 Morocco is currently the biggest mall in Africa. 

2. The Mall of Arabia

The mall is located in Cairo, Egypt and is approximately 267,000 square meters.  

The Center houses a modern cinema complex, international gyms and luxurious hotels.

 The mall has parking spaces for 9000 cars

3. The Gateway Theater of Shopping

It occupies a total of 220,000 square meter.

 It has 12000 parking slots  and it houses 390 stores. 

The mall has 90 restaurants,stake parks,the highest fountain in Africa and science theme park. 

The mall is located in Umhlanga, Durban,South Africa.

4. Novare Lekki mall, Nigeria

Novare Lekki Mall is a shopping mall located in Lagos, Nigeria.

 It is the largest mall in Nigeria and among the biggest malls in Africa. 

The mall occupies 22,000 square meter.

5. Canal Walk, South Africa

Canal Walk is a shopping mall located in Cape Town, South Africa. 

 The mall occupies 141,000 square meters and has a wide load of luxurious products.

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 It is located on the beautiful view of table mountains and famous Robben island.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Visitors to the mall can enjoy a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. 

The mall houses over 400 stores.

6.  Two Rivers Mall

The mall is owned by billionaire  Chris Kirubi and Centum and the mall is located in Nairobi Kenya.

 Two Rivers mall is the biggest mall in central and  East Africa.  

It houses more than 200 stores

7. Sandton City

 The mall occupies 128,000 square feet.

 It is owned by Pareto Limited and Liberty Holdings Limited and it is among the oldest shops in Africa. 

 The mall  has over 300 stores and it has a beautiful tourist attraction of Nelson Mandela Square.

8. The Mall of Africa

The mall occupies 131,000 square meters with 6,500 parking slots. 

The mall is owned by Atterbury Property. 

The mall is located in Waterfall  City ,Midrand,Gauteng.

9. Cairo Festival city

It is among the biggest malls in  Africa with 160,000 square  feet.

 It has international hotels, an American international school , a motor vehicle assembly unit, eateries and hypermarkets.

 It has a large theater of 1656 seats and numerous stalls which stock products of world-class companies.

10. Dembel City Center

The mall is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dembel is the largest  mall in Ethiopia.

 It has 123 spaces designed for shops or offices, the western-style shopping center.

11. West Hills Mall

The mall is situated in Ghana and it is 93,000 square meters.

 The mall is owned by National Insurance Trust,Delico Investments and Social Security.

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 It is the largest shopping mall in West Africa.

12. Tinapa Shopping resort

Q covers 861,000 square feet and is located in Nigeria. 

The  mall is owned by Tinapa Business Resort Limited. 

The mall can hold a parking capacity of 4000 cars.

13. Le Caudan Waterfront

It’s a top business and refreshment center in the island nation. 

The mall is located in Mauritius capital. 

The Mall is adjacent to luxurious business and travel hotels and therefore making it convenient for the visitors to enjoy shopping and the capital city.

14. Cresta Shopping Center

The mall is located in South Africa.

The mall is among the biggest malls in both South Africa and Africa as a whole.

15. Menlyn Park Pretoria

The mall is located in Menlyn, Pretoria,South Africa. 

Menlyn occupies 177,000 square Meters and it’s home to over 500 stores. 

The mall is owned by Development Company Pareto.

The above are some of the largest shopping malls in Africa.

 These malls offer a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options for visitors.

 Africa is a land of contrasts, and nowhere is this more evident than in its shopping malls. 

From the largest mall on the continent to tiny bazaars teeming with life, African shoppers can find just about anything they need (and sometimes things they didn’t know they needed) at their local mall. 

If you’re looking for an interesting and exotic shopping experience, be sure to check out one of Africa’s amazing malls. 

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