20+ Greatest Central Cee Quotes and Lyrics Captions For Instagram

Central cee captions and quotes

UK rapper central cee has some of the most motivational songs that have the best quotes and captions for Instagram.

If you are a fan of Central Cee then you know how much this guy can spit bars.

Here is a list of more than 20 Best Central Cee Quotes and hardest lyrics for captions.

Central Cee Quotes and Captions from Song Lyrics:

  1. I’m not here to follow trends, I’m here to set them.
  2. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in hard work and determination.
  3. I have a love-hate relationship with the game, but I’ll never quit.
  4. Money is power and I need it in abundance.
  5. I’m not just a rapper, I’m an entrepreneur.
  6. I’m not a role model, but I hope to inspire people with my story.
  7. I’ll never forget where I came from, but I’m always looking ahead to the future.
  8. I’ve been through hell and back, but I’m still standing.
  9. I don’t make music for the charts, I make music for the people.
  10. I don’t have time for negativity, I’m too busy chasing my dreams.
  11. I’m not in competition with anyone, I’m in competition with myself.
  12. I’m a product of my environment, I adapted and I survived.
  13. I’m not interested in fame, I’m interested in impact.
  14. I’m not afraid to speak my mind, even if it’s not popular.
  15. I’m not afraid to take risks, that’s how you make history.
  16. I’m not a victim of my circumstances, I’m a conqueror.
  17. I just wanna live lavish, stack money like a pyramid, and take care of my family.
  18. I’ll never compromise my art for fame or money.
  19. I don’t chase people or opportunities, I create them.
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