Top 15 Companies In Kenya That Offer Paid Internships Today 2024

Best paying companies in Kenya for internship

An internship is a temporary work opportunity a company offers students or graduates, allowing them to gain practical experience in their area of specialization.

Internships serve as a stepping stone for students and young professionals, offering them a glimpse into the real world and equipping them with practical skills beyond the classroom.

In Kenya, the Landscape of internships has evolved, with an increasing number of companies recognizing the value of compensating interns for their dedication and contributions.

In the face of economic hardships in Kenya, a paid internship provides fresh graduates a crucial opportunity to earn income while gaining valuable work experience and improving their employability.

This article sheds light on 15 dynamic companies in Kenya offering paid internships, ensuring aspiring individuals receive experience and fair compensation.

Exploring the World of Paid Internships

Internships have been praised as a bridge between education and professional life, allowing young professionals to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations.

Unpaid internships have often posed challenges for many students, disproportionately affecting those who cannot afford to work without compensation.

On the other hand, paid internships bridge this gap by ensuring interns are learning valuable skills and receiving financial support for their education efforts.

Kenyan Companies That Pay Interns:

1. Safaricom:

Safaricom, considered a powerhouse in the telecommunications industry, offers paid internships that provide graduates and young Kenyan talents with exposure to cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.

With its commitment to nurturing future leaders, Safaricom’s internship programs pave the way for these young graduates to be part of revolutionizing the telecom landscape in Kenya.

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2. Nation Media Group:

Nation Media Group stands as a media empire that values the potential of young Kenyan journalists, designers, and business enthusiasts. With their paid internship programs, graduates are introduced to the fast-paced world of media and communication, gaining hands-on experience that prepares them for impactful careers.

3. KPMG Kenya:

KPMG is another enterprise in Kenya that offers paid internships that allow students to delve into accounting, finance, and advisory services.

Aspiring financial graduates and students can work alongside seasoned experts as they build a foundation for a career that thrives on precision and analysis.

4. Centum Investments:

Centum Investments’ is another enterprise that offers paid internships catering to those interns interested in finance, real estate, and business management.

The company’s commitment to mentorship and learning ensures that each interns acquire insights into investment strategies and corporate dynamics, setting them on a path to becoming intelligent business leaders.

5. PwC Kenya:

PwC (Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand) Kenya’s paid internships expose graduates and interns to audit, tax, and consulting services.

The diverse range of experiences equips interns with flexible skills that can be applied across various industries, fostering versatile professionals ready to navigate into their respective careers.

6. Deloitte East Africa:

Deloitte East Africa’s paid internships allow fresh Kenyan graduates and aspiring accountants, auditors, and business advisors to thrive.

With mentorship and hands-on training, interns gain practical experience and insights into what they expect in the real world of careers, and this enhances their skills and understanding of a particular industry or profession and prepares them to become leaders in their respective fields.

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7. Kenya Airways:

Kenya Airways’ paid internships offer young aviation enthusiasts a chance to explore the airline industry.

These aviation Interns receive insights into customer service, aviation operations, and flying business, giving them a unique perspective on this dynamic sector in Kenya.

8. Equity Bank:

Equity Bank’s paid internships suit students and graduates intrigued by banking, finance, and customer service.

Interns gain exposure to the intricate world of finance, honing skills in financial analysis and customer relationship management that are important for success in the Kenyan financial industry.

9. Kenya Power:

Kenya Power’s paid internships target students and interns passionate about electrical engineering, energy management, and utility services.

Interns become part of Kenya’s sustainable energy solutions and learn about power distribution, contributing to the vital energy sector.

10. Unilever Kenya:

Unilever Kenya’s paid internships prepare young professionals for careers in marketing, supply chain management, technology, and brand management.

The company’s consumer goods brands serve as a background for interns to cultivate brand strategy and consumer engagement skills in Kenya.

11. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya:

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya’s paid internships offer a gateway to banking, finance, and investment.

Graduates receive comprehensive training and exposure to financial products, gaining a deep understanding of the industry’s expectations.

12. KenGen:

KenGen’s paid internships allow young students and graduates to delve into renewable energy, engineering, and environmental sciences.

Interns are exposed to clean energy production while acquiring practical skills indispensable in Kenya’s environmentally conscious plan.

13. Coca-Cola Beverages Africa:

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s paid internships accommodate those graduates specializing in sales, marketing, and distribution.

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Interns are exposed to the dynamic world of these beverages, learning about market dynamics and consumer behaviour in one of the most competitive industries in Kenya.

14. IBM Kenya:

IBM Kenya’s paid internships are designed for tech-savvy graduates ad young professionals interested in software development, IT solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.

Interns get a firsthand experience of the transformative power of technology and innovation.

15. Britam:

Britam offers paid internships that open doors for interns pursuing careers in insurance, investment, and financial planning.

Interns gain insights into the financial services industry, equipping them with skills to navigate Kenya’s growing and complex economic landscape.


In the face of economic hardships and the unemployment rate in Kenya, the landscape of internships has evolved, with companies increasingly recognizing the value of offering paid internships to young and fresh graduates.

These 15 companies stand as beacons of hope and opportunity, offering paid internships with a holistic experience encompassing learning, skill development, and fair compensation.

By bridging the gap between education and career, these internships empower the next generation of leaders to step confidently into the professional world, armed with knowledge, experience, and financial support.

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