15+ Best Duck Pick Up Lines 2024

Here is a collection of more than 15 funny, cheesy, smooth and dirty pick up lines.

If you want to use a duck pick up lines to flirt with a girl or a boy, chose some of your favorite pick up lines about duck below and start flirting.

Duck Pick Up Lines:

Like a duck that works very hard inside the water but puts on a smiling and calm face, I want to win your heart secretly. 

I prefer to suffer as much as a duck but to win your heart in the end. 

I thought ducks are the only things that work very hard and are smart. That has changed when I met you. 

They say duck love is recognizable in any language. Will you make this love be duck love?.

How about we go my place and see who can eat the most dump-lings in the shortest time? If you win I am spending at your place. 

There would be nothing sweeter than feasting upon the bones of my enemies because they believed I would not win your heart. 

Jumping out of a window that is five hundred feet above the ground won’t be fun, but I am willing to do it flapping my wings like a duck when I win your heart.

If you were a duck, you would jump into making a decision to love me. 

Will you bathe with me tonight?

Would you mind taking me under your wings and let me feel the scent of a duck sauce?

If I were a duck I would waddle about so that you could tell me I am lovely. 

I would like to see your drawing of a duck because then I can draw a plan of getting to your heart. 

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