Revealed: Equity Bank Kenya Agents Commissions (Updated)

As an Equity Bank agent in Kenya, you make a commission everytime a service of Equity Bank is done successfully through you for example deposits and withdrawals from Equity Bank Kenya customers.

As an agent of the bank, you don’t necessarily have a fixed salary, but you rely on commissions.

This can be a good thing or a bad one depending on your business. If you have a Equity Agent shop where there is more traffic and people come to your shop more frequently for the services, the amount of money you will make is outrageous.

In this article, we have listed down the exact payment or salary commission paid to all Equity Bank Agents in Kenya depending on the type of transaction done.

What are the requirements of becoming an Equity Agent?

An existing business that has been operating successfully in the same location for a minimum of 12 months prior to application.

Valid business permits for the existing business

A strategic business location – accessibility, visibility and security

A good reputation and high moral standing

An excellent reach and catchment area

Brief description of commercial activity- 12 months

Current statements for the last 6 months

Equity Bank Agent Commission on Deposits:

Amount Deposited: Ksh.100 to 5,000
Commission: Ksh.10

Amount Deposited: Ksh.5,001 to 10,000
Commission: Ksh.15

Amount Deposited: Ksh.10,001 to 20,000
Commission: Ksh.20

Amount Deposited: Ksh.20,001 and above
Commission: Ksh.30

Equity Bank Agent Commission for Withdrawal:

Amount: Ksh.100 to 2500
Commission: Ksh.15

Amount: Ksh.2,501 to 5,000
Commission: Ksh.25

Amount: Ksh.5,001 to 10,000
Commission: Ksh.35

Amount: Ksh.10,001 to 20,000
Commission: Ksh.60

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Amount: Ksh.20,001 to 35,000
Commission: Ksh.70

Amount: Ksh.35,001 to 50,000
Commission: Ksh.90

Amount: Ksh.50,001 and above
Commission: Ksh.120

An Equity Bank agent also earns commissions by helping out Equity Bank Clients.

Commission paid per successfully helping a client out with the following Equity Bank services:

Account Opening
Commission: Ksh.100

Eazzy 24/7
Commission: Ksh.30

E hapo hapo
Commission: Ksh.50.

Account Reactivation
Commission: Ksh.50

Commission: Ksh.50

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