30+ Best Facebook Pick Up Lines 2024

Facebook pick up lines

Whether you want to message them on Facebook or comment your pick up lines on their Facebook picture or even randomly use a Facebook pick up line to get their attention.

These are the greatest Facebook pick up lines to use on your special someone today.

They include funny Facebook pick up lines, dirty Facebook pick up lines, Cheesy and cute pick up lines for Facebook.

No time to waste anymore it’s time to start a beautiful conversation with this person with the help of these FB pick up lines.

Facebook Pick Up Lines:

I wish I had your password because I’d log in to your Facebook account every five minutes just to see your smile. 

Do you know why I logged in? To see your smile.

Are your eyes wrenches? Because every time I look at them on your profile, they tighten my nuts. 

Sorry I didn’t ask for your name ‘cause I got lost in your beauty. 

Can you help me carry out some research on reproduction?

I went out of words when in saw your profile picture. I thought I was in even because I’m sure that’s where angels live. 

I’m just looking for someone to chart a way forward. 

Can I have your profile picture as my screen saver? Because I love your smile.

Did your father invent a Hydro-Electric Power station? Because you are daaaaaamn. 

Do you rent those eyes? Because you are an angel. 

Would you hold it against me if I told you I want your body right now?

Nice to chart with you and you are gorgeous. 

Can we have breakfast together tomorrow? Shall I nudge you or call you?

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I logged in and just got attracted to you. Are you a magnet?

Great choice of clothes for a profile picture, they match the strips of my bed sheet.

When I look into your profile picture, I am lost.

It is so strange that I am talking with a beautiful stranger.

I may not be the best looking guy in Facebook but I am the only one talking to you right now. 

I planned to choose the best girl but I am glad the best girl chose to talk to you. 

I wish I updated my profile, but I’d rather add you to my friend list. 

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