How To Become A Worldcoin Orb Operator In Kenya and Make Money 2024

Do you want to be hired by Worldcoin in Kenya and start making money as their Orb Operator who assists people in joining Worldcoin?.

If your answer is Yes then you are on the right article, keep reading below to find out all you need and the process of becoming a Worldcoin employee in Kenya.

As a Worldcoin Operator, you’ll earn money for everyone you sign up with an Orb.

You’ll build your own team, run your operations and help get people excited about starting their Worldcoin journey.

How To Get Started As A Kenyan Orb Operator:

The first step is to fill out the application form and Worldcoin will be in touch.

If all goes well, they will send you an Orb and you can begin building your operations in the country.

Orb Application Process:

Worldcoin just need some basic info from you and you’ll be done in under a minute.


They’ll schedule a time to chat with you and hear about your plans.

Receive an Orb;

If approved, the team will provide basic training and send you an Orb within a few days.

Start Operating in Kenya;

Once you receive your Orb, you’ll be ready to go and start building your operations.

Click the link below to join directed to Worldcoin official website where you can sign up as an Orb Operator in Kenya.


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