20+ Best Hunting Pick Up Lines 2024

Hunting pick up lines are among the most Cheesy, silly, funny and cute pick up lines to use during a hunt or relatable situation.

If you want to find the best hunting pick up lines that you can use on your crush today.

Below is the list of hunting pick up lines for girls and boys which include funny hunting pick up lines, dirty hunting pick up lines and hunter pick up lines.

Hunting Pick Up Lines:

I am a hunter, but you can still tame me anytime. 

Hey girl, you are so gorgeous. You bring out the beast in me. 

So are so exotic. I set my eyes on you from across the entrance. 

You are so deer to me that I am stuck on you. 

I wish you were a buck because you would be a great kill. 

If you were a hunter, you would be a fox.

If I were a hunter would you come and play with my kitty?

I know you are nit a deer, but I want to shoot you. 

I am in the rut and you are my doe in heat. 

If you were a hole, I would be digging you. 

Hey girl, I have you in my cross hairs

I wish you were a deer because you would be a lifetime trophy. 

I want to start hunting for your heart. 

You might not have a big rack but I would still go hunting for you. 

Will you show me your rack? Because I would once you do. 

I guess you are a deer tick. I am so stuck on you. 

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