60+ Best Kenyan Boy Names and Their Meanings (Kiswahili & English)

Boy names in Kenya with meanings

Choosing a name for a newborn is a significant process, reflecting cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and personal values.

In Kenya, a rich diversity of names ensures that each one carries a unique story. This article explores a curated list of Kenyan boy names, including their origins and meanings, categorized into Christian, English, Swahili, and popular Kenyan surnames.

Christian Kenyan Boy Names

Christian names are cherished for their spiritual significance, often inspired by biblical figures.

These names not only reflect a family’s faith but also imbue a sense of identity and purpose in the child.

  1. Matthew: Gift of God
  2. Joshua: God is salvation
  3. Samuel: His name is God
  4. Daniel: God is my judge
  5. Noah: Rest, peace
  6. Michael: Who is like God?
  7. Joseph: God will add
  8. David: Beloved
  9. John: God is gracious
  10. Peter: Rock
  11. Andrew: Manly, brave
  12. Paul: Small, humble
  13. Stephen: Crown
  14. Timothy: Honoring God
  15. Gabriel: God is my strength

Christian names in Kenya often serve as a connection to the larger Christian community worldwide, offering a sense of belonging and shared tradition.

Kenyan English Names for Boys

Modern English names have become popular in Kenya, influenced by literature, history, and global figures.

These names often reflect aspirations, modernity, and global interconnectedness.

  1. Austin: Magic dignity or venerable
  2. Ethan: Firm and strong
  3. Eric: Sole or eternal ruler
  4. Barack: Blessed
  5. Oliver: Descendant of the ancestor
  6. Ryan: Little king
  7. Liam: Strong-willed warrior
  8. Mason: Worker in stone
  9. Jacob: Supplanter
  10. Lucas: Light-giving
  11. Henry: Ruler of the household
  12. Logan: Little hollow
  13. Jack: God is gracious
  14. Benjamin: Son of the right hand
  15. Sebastian: Venerable

English names can provide a contemporary touch while still offering deep and meaningful connotations that resonate with modern Kenyan families.

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Kenyan Boy Names in Swahili

Swahili names are deeply rooted in Kenyan culture, often reflecting virtues, nature, and blessings.

These names are a beautiful homage to the coastal culture and the Swahili language, embodying significant attributes and aspirations.

  1. Faraji: Consolation
  2. Radhi: Forgiveness
  3. Baraka: Blessings
  4. Tumaini: Hope
  5. Azizi: Precious
  6. Jabari: Brave
  7. Hassan: Handsome
  8. Khamisi: Born on Thursday
  9. Mwinyi: Master, owner
  10. Saidi: Helper
  11. Hamisi: Born on Thursday
  12. Mosi: First born
  13. Sefu: Sword
  14. Zuberi: Strong
  15. Rashidi: Wise, rightly guided

Swahili names often carry poetic and descriptive qualities, giving the child a name that is not only unique but also deeply meaningful.

Popular Tribe Kenyan Surnames

Surnames in Kenya often signify family legacy, cultural heritage, and historical events.

They are chosen with significant cultural importance and often denote ancestry, attributes, or historical context.

  1. Kenyatta: Musician
  2. Kibet: Born at midday
  3. Kamau: A great warrior
  4. Mwangi: Seizes the nation victor
  5. Odoyo: Born during a wedding
  6. Onyango: Born in the morning
  7. Kiprotich: Born near a river
  8. Omondi: Born early in the morning
  9. Mutua: Born after twins
  10. Wambua: Born during the rainy season
  11. Wafula: Born during the rainy season
  12. Njoroge: Resurrected
  13. Kiplagat: Born during a feast
  14. Ochieng: Born during the day
  15. Cheruiyot: Born during a harvest

These surnames often carry the weight of family history and cultural identity, providing a sense of continuity and connection to one’s roots.


Naming a child is a profound process, embedding cultural identity, personal values, and familial legacy.

Whether opting for a traditional Swahili name, a Christian name with deep spiritual roots, or a modern English name, the wide array of Kenyan names ensures that each one carries a unique and special significance.

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Each name tells a story, offering your child a strong and meaningful start in life.

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