10 Best Kenyan Classic TV Shows of All Time (no one will ever forget)

Classic tv shows in Kenya

Kenya has a rich history of television that has produced many beloved classic shows. These programs captured the hearts of audiences with their relatable stories, memorable characters, and timeless humor.

In Kenya today, these are the best including some of the most watched TV shows that ruled the entertainment industry in Kenya in the 90s and 2000s, no matter how old you are today, you probably have heard about one of these TV programmes either from your parents, older folks, friends and relatives or you yourself was lucky enough to watch them.

Here’s a list of 20 of the best classic shows that have graced Kenyan TV screens.

Best Classic Shows in Kenya of the 90s and 2000s:

Kenya has a rich history of television programming, and several classic shows have left an indelible mark on the nation’s cultural landscape. These shows, often aired on the national broadcaster KBC (formerly Voice of Kenya), have entertained and educated audiences for decades. Here’s a look at some of the best classic shows in Kenya that continue to be remembered fondly:

1. Tausi

“Tausi” is perhaps one of the most iconic Kenyan TV shows. Set in the coastal region, it revolved around a Swahili family’s daily struggles and triumphs. The show’s signature song, “Tausi ndege wangu,” became a household anthem, and its blend of love, family drama, and cultural elements kept viewers hooked.

2. Vioja Mahakamani

“Vioja Mahakamani” is a courtroom drama that has been a staple of Kenyan television for years. The show, which humorously presents court cases, has educated the public on legal matters while entertaining them with its witty script and memorable characters.

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3. Vitimbi

“Vitimbi” is a sitcom that features the humorous escapades of Mzee Ojwang’ and his wife Mama Kayai. The show, which portrayed the everyday lives of ordinary Kenyans, resonated with many viewers and remains a beloved classic.

4. Tahamaki

“Tahamaki” was a thriller that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. Its engaging plotlines, which often involved crime and mystery, captivated viewers and made it one of the most talked-about shows during its time.

5. Penzi Hatari

“Penzi Hatari” (Dangerous Love) was a romantic drama that followed the tumultuous relationship between a Christian boy and a Muslim girl. The show’s portrayal of their love amidst societal opposition made it a deeply emotional and engaging series.

6. Kisulisuli

“Kisulisuli” was another drama series known for its intense emotional and action-packed storylines. The show’s complex characters and intricate plots kept viewers guessing and discussing each episode long after it aired.

7. Kinyonga

“Kinyonga,” which means chameleon, was aptly named for its portrayal of characters who constantly adapted to their changing circumstances. The show provided a social commentary on the rapid changes in Kenyan society and the challenges faced by its people.

8. Vioja Mahakamani

Not to be confused with the modern courtroom drama, the classic “Vioja Mahakamani” featured a cast of quirky characters who brought humor and insight into everyday legal battles. The show’s longevity and popularity attest to its impact on Kenyan culture.

9. Mama Kayai

“Mama Kayai,” named after its lead character, was a spinoff from “Vitimbi.” This show focused more on the family dynamics and the challenges faced by Mama Kayai, making it a relatable and heartwarming series for many viewers.

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10. Makatano Junction

“Makatano Junction” was a drama series that explored the lives of residents in a fictional Kenyan town. It addressed various social issues such as HIV/AIDS, family conflicts, and community development, providing both entertainment and education to its audience.


These classic Kenyan TV shows have played a significant role in shaping the country’s television landscape. They not only entertained but also educated and brought important social issues to the forefront. The nostalgia associated with these shows speaks volumes about their quality and the fond memories they have created for generations of Kenyans. As we celebrate the evolution of Kenyan television, it is essential to remember and appreciate these timeless

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