Top 20 Kenyan Universities With The Most Beautiful and Handsome Students 2024

University with the most beautiful ladies and handsome guys in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in Africa with the highest number of well established universities.

In the country today, when it comes to university with the most good looking students which include the most handsome guys in Kenyan Universities and the most beautiful ladies in Kenyan campuses.

These are the leading universities today when it comes to the most attractive students in Kenya with respect to their university.

Ranked below, here is a separate listing of the university in the country which have the most beautiful women and the most good looking guys.

Kenya School of Law and Riara University have the most handsome men in Kenya.

On the other hand, Daystar University and USIU are the universities with Kenya’s most beautiful ladies.

Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Gretsa University and Egerton University have the most beautiful and handsome lectures.

Here is the ranking of the best universities in Kenya by their beautiful students and handsome students.

Universities With The Most Handsome Guys In Kenya:

  1. Kenya School Of Law
  2. Riara University
  3. USIU
  4. University of Nairobi
  5. Multimedia University
  6. JKUAT
  7. Mount Kenya University
  8. St. Paul’s University
  9. Pwani University
  10. Africa Nazarene University

Below is the ranking of the university in Kenya that have the most beautiful ladies in the country.

Universities With The Most Beautiful Ladies In Kenya:

  1. USIU
  2. Daystar University
  3. Mount Kenya University
  4. KCA University
  5. University Of Nairobi
  6. Strathmore University
  7. Kenyatta University
  8. Kenya Methodist University
  9. Catholic University
  10. Kabarak University
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