KFCB Now Wants All YouTubers in Kenya to have Licenses to Post Videos

KFCB YouTubers

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) has issued a strict 14-day ultimatum to several Kenyan YouTubers, demanding that they obtain valid licences for their audio-visual content.

This ultimatum stems from the creators uploading videos to their YouTube channels without the necessary legal permissions.

According to a letter obtained by Kenyan Magazine, the KFCB specifically named several prominent YouTube creators in Kenya.

These individuals have been directed to secure appropriate filming licences for all their content.

The board emphasized that this requirement is in line with the country’s regulations governing the distribution of audio-visual material.

Furthermore, KFCB has mandated that these creators submit their videos to the board for examination and classification before they can be shared with the public.

This step ensures that the content meets the regulatory standards set by the board.

Acting CEO Paskal Opiyo highlighted the issue in a formal statement, saying, “Our attention has been drawn to your YouTube channel where you have continuously uploaded audio-visual content for purposes of exhibiting and distributing it to the public, without acquiring the requisite filming licences from the Kenya Film Classification Board.”

Opiyo stressed the importance of compliance with the Films and Stage Plays Act, which governs the production and distribution of films within Kenya.

“We demand that you strictly comply with the requirements of the Films and Stage Plays Act by obtaining filming licences for your films, and submit them for examination and classification before the same is exhibited and distributed to the public through your YouTube channel,” Opiyo added.

This directive is not merely a formality but a legal necessity to ensure that all distributed content online adheres to national standards and regulations.

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KFCB also warned the YouTubers about the consequences of non-compliance.

Should the Kenyan creators fail to meet the board’s demands within the stipulated 14 days, KFCB will initiate legal action.

The board made it clear that such proceedings would be conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act and other relevant laws.

This legal action could include penalties and other serious repercussions for the content creators.

“Take notice that unless you comply with the above in the next fourteen (14) days, we shall institute legal proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the Films and Stage Plays Act and other relevant laws, without further reference to you and at your own risks as to costs and other attendant consequences thereto,” KFCB’s statement concluded.

This move by KFCB has started an uproar online from content creators and Kenyan YouTubers.

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