KRA Salaries: How Much KRA Employees Are Paid Per Month 2024

Kenya Revenue Authority Salaries

How much is the monthly salary of a KRA employee in Kenya today?.

Find out today the amount of money you will be pocketing each month if you secure a job at the Kenya Revenue Authority.

KRA employees are said to be earning a reasonable amount of money per month.

Other than their monthly salary, KRA employees have a package of benefits for working at the government Parastatal – KRA.

What are the benefits of working with KRA?

Below is the list of top benefits for working at the KRA Corporation;

  • Health Insurance benefits
  • Life Insurance benefits
  • Dental Insurance benefits
  • Vision Insurance
  • Temporary Disability Insurance benefits
  • Long-term Disability Insurance.

KRA also pays their workers a very good monthly salary, as of today, the highest paid employees at KRA are commissioners.

KRA commissioner general makes a monthly salary estimated at KSh.1. million to KSh.2 million, while other commissioners pocket between Sh.700,000 to Sh.1.3 million each per month.

Here is how much employees working at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) earn monthly with respect to their jobs, positions and field of work including KRA interns.

Kenya Revenue Authority Employees Salaries:

KRA Interns (internship/trainee)

Average Salary: KES 15,000/mo

KRA Officer

Average Salary: KES 90,000/mo

KRA Revenue Officer

Average Salary: KES 87,000/mo

KRA Industrial Attachment (internship/trainee)

Average Salary: KES 7,000/mo

KRA Finance (Internship/tranee)

Average Salary: KES 14,000 – KES 16,000/mo

KRA Security Officer

Average Salary: KES 24,000 – KES 31,000/mo

KRA Accountant

Average Salary: KES 52,000 – KES 93,000/mo

KRA Assistant Manager

Average Salary: KES 130,000 – KES 229,000/mo

KRA Finance Manager

Average Salary: KES 51,000 – KES 56,000/mo

KRA Procurement Specialist

Average Salary: KES 97,000 – KES 104,000/mo

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KRA Business Analyst

Average Salary: KES 72,000 – KES 77,000/mo

KRA Tax Expert

Average Salary: KES 143,000 – KES 156,000/mo

KRA Data Analyst

Average Salary: KES 685,000 – KES 753,000/yr

KRA Graduate Electrical Engineer (internship/trainee)

Average Salary: KES 15,000/mo

KRA Risk Manager

Average Salary: KES 950,000 – KES 1 Million/yr

KRA Administrator

Average Salary: KES 95,000 – KES 103,000/mo

KRA Assistant Marketing Manager

Average Salary: KES 210,000 – KES 230,000/mo

KRA Property Officer

Average Salary: KES 95,000 – KES 102,000/mo

KRA Customer Service Officer

Average Salary: KES 49,000 – KES 53,000/mo

KRA Data Entry Operator

Average Salary: KES 29,000 – KES 31,000/mo

KRA IT Analyst

Average Salary: KES 290,000 – KES 311,000/mo

KRA Clerk

Average Salary: KES 43,000 – KES 50,000/mo

KRA Tax Manager

Average Salary: KES 7 Million/yr

KRA Chief Manager, Customs and Border Control, Kenya Revenue Authority

Average Salary: KES 532,000 – KES 573,000/mo

KRA Research and Innovation

Average Salary: KES 13,000 – KES 16,000/mo

KRA ICT Officer

Average Salary: KES 14,000 – KES 16,000/m mo

KRA Assistant Manager

Average Salary: KES 29,000 – KES 33,000

KRA ICT Technician

Average Salary: KES 86,000 – KES 93,000/mo

KRA Cyber Security Analyst

Average Salary: KES 82,000 – KES 89,000/mo

KRA ICT Manager

Average Salary: KES 290,000 – KES 315,000/mo

KRA Lawyers

Average Salary: KES 190,000 – KES 210,000/mo

KRA Online Content Writer

Average Salary: KES 286 – KES 310/hr


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