5 Largest Wi-Fi Providers in Kenya (Ranked by active Subscribers)

Best Wi-Fi company in Kenya

Kenya’s digital landscape is rapidly evolving, with Wi-Fi becoming crucial for households, businesses, and educational institutions.

As internet demand grows, several providers lead in delivering reliable and fast connectivity.

This article highlights the top five Wi-Fi providers in Kenya based on the number of active subscribers, reflecting their popularity and market reach.

Best Wi-Fi Providers in Kenya:

1. Safaricom

Safaricom stands at the forefront of Kenya’s Wi-Fi market, boasting 487,924 active subscribers and commanding a 36.7% market share.

Known for its robust fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services, Safaricom offers high-speed internet that caters to the diverse needs of both urban and rural users.

Their extensive coverage and consistent service quality make them a preferred choice for many Kenyans.

2. Jamii Telecommunications Ltd (JTL)

Operating under the popular brand “FAIBA,” Jamii Telecommunications Ltd (JTL) serves 315,819 subscribers, capturing 23.7% of the market.

JTL is renowned for its affordable packages and excellent customer service, making it a significant player in the Kenyan internet market. Their fibre network ensures reliable and fast internet, making it suitable for both home and business use.

3. Zuku

Zuku, part of the Wananchi Group, is another major player with 261,723 subscribers, which translates to a 19.6% market share.

Zuku is well-known for its comprehensive bundle packages that include TV, internet, and phone services. Their competitive pricing and reliable connectivity have earned them a loyal customer base across the country.

4. Poa Internet Kenya Ltd

Poa Internet Kenya Ltd, a relatively newer entrant founded by tech entrepreneurs, has quickly gained traction with 169,738 subscribers, making up 12.8% of the market.

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Poa Internet focuses on providing affordable internet solutions to underserved communities, bridging the digital divide in Kenya. Their innovative approach and community-centric model have made them a popular choice among price-sensitive users.

5. Mawingu Networks Ltd

Mawingu Networks Ltd targets rural and semi-urban areas, serving 26,907 subscribers, which accounts for 2.0% of the market.

Mawingu uses a combination of solar-powered Wi-Fi and TV white space technology to provide internet services in areas where traditional infrastructure is lacking. Their commitment to enhancing connectivity in remote regions has made them an essential player in Kenya’s internet landscape.


The competitive landscape of Wi-Fi providers in Kenya is dynamic, with each company striving to offer better services and coverage.

Safaricom, JTL, Zuku, Poa Internet, and Mawingu Networks are leading the way by catering to various segments of the population, from urban dwellers to rural communities.

As internet penetration continues to grow, these providers will play a crucial role in shaping Kenya’s digital future, ensuring more people have access to reliable and affordable internet.

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