List Of All Cars That are Made In Kenya 2023

Cars made in Kenya

What are some of the motor vehicles that are made in Kenya?.

Here is the list of all the Kenyan made cars.

History was recorded back in 1986 when Kenya locally assembled its own motor car.

Kenya was the very first African country to raech that milestone.

Since then, Kenya has been trying its best to locally make our own cars even though it is very difficult for the country due to many reasons such as skills, finances among others.

The Nyayo Pioneer Car was launched by then president the late Daniel Arap Moi.

Below are the cars that were made in Kenya till date.

Locally Made Cars In Kenya:

  1. Mobius II

It is currently the latest and the best car to be manufactured in the country.

  1. Nyayo Pioneer Car

Launched By: Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi (1991).

  1. Volkswagen (Polo Vivo)

Launched By: Uhuru Kenyatta

We will keep updating this article as new cars are made in Kenya.

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