List Of People who Own Helicopters In Kenya 2023

Chopper owners in Kenya

Helicopters? As it turns out, there are quite a few, and they come from all different walks of life.

From celebrities to business people to politicians, here is a list of some of the people who own helicopters in Kenya. Enjoy.

Helicopter Owners In Kenya:

1. Uhuru Kenyatta

The current president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, is one of the people who own helicopters in the country.

He has a number of them, which he uses for both personal and business travel.

He owns Eurocopter AS350B3e,5Y JMN and NMJ operated by Flex Aviation.

2. William Ruto

He is the Kenyan deputy president. He owns Euro copter AS350B3e,5 YDSM,5Y DSN,Eurocopter EC130B4 and 5YDSC.He uses them for personal and business travels

3. Musalia mudavadi

Musalia Mudavadi is a Kenyan politician who has also been known to own a helicopter. 

e is described as the coolest politician in the western part of Kenya. He owns Euro copter EC130B4,5Y TXM. 

4. Raila Odinga

Former prime minister of Kenya and  ODM party leader is rich and a succesful.

He owns several business  premises and two helicopters.Eurocopter EC 130 B4  and  5Y HOD.

5. Peter Kenneth 

He is a politician from mount Kenya region and a business man too. He owns Bell 407 ,5Y PKI and 5Y PKZ.

6. Joshua Kelei

His coppers are operated by Phoenix Aviation. They  include AgustaWestland 119 VIP and 5Y RBY. He is among the few successful business people in Kenya

7. Guru of Devki

He is also a successful business person in  the country. He owns Eurocopter EC130B4, 5Y DCC , Eurocopter  AS350B3e 5Y DVK 5Y EVG.

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Patric Musimba Kibwezi MP

He is both a business man and a politician. He owns Bell 407 and 5Y PPS.

8. Ian Mumano

He is one of the most successful business people in kenya.

His choppers include Eurocopter AS350B3e, 5Y BTW ,5Y BVN ,Eurocpter EC 130 B4 , 5Y GYM.

9. Kalonzo Musyoka

He was the last vice president of Kenya under the constitution.

He is a renown kamba politician who owns several business premises and choppers.Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuils and Registration Number 5Y-DKK5Y-DKK. 

10. Ephraim maina

Ephraim Maina is the Nyeri senator and one of the richest politicians in kenya.

He owns a number of helicopters. Bell 407.5Y PSM, Bell 206 and 5Y MNW  are all his. 

11. S.K. Macharia

S.K. Macharia is a Kenyan businessman who owns the Nation Media Group. He owns Eurocopter AS350B3, 5Y DSB, 5Y SGM

12. Captain Newton Osiemo 

Captain Newton Osiemo is a Kenyan pilot who owns his own aviation company.

He also has a helicopter, which he uses for both personal and business travel. His helicopters are operated by Wilken, Eurocopter AS350B2  and 5Y  HLI.

13.Gideon Moi

He is currently the Baringo Senator and he is also the Kanu chairperson.

The son of the late president Daniel Arap Moi owns Eurocopter As350B2,5Y,ZKL,Hughes 300 and ZKM helicopters

So there you have it! A list of some of the people who own helicopters inKenya.

As you can see, they come from all different walks of life and have a variety of different reasons for owning these aircraft.

But one thing is for sure – they all help to make Kenya a more connected and efficient country.

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