Top 10 Lowest Currencies In The World 2024

Lowest currency in the world

Totally, there are 164 official national currencies circulating around the world. Although the number of the independent countries is 197 plus about five dozen of dependent territories. The matter is, that some of them don’t have their own money and officially use the foreign currency.

Out of all the 164+ currency currently being used worldwide, in this article, we have the top 10 cheapest currency ever.

These are the top 10 currencies with the lowest currency value as of this current year.

The weakest currency just as indicated in this post, are currency from countries which are known to be having a very low cost of living.

Which means that countries that have extremely weak currency are unable to compete with other countries not only economic wise but also infrastructure wise due to the cheap currency value in their country.

As of today, holding the first position as the lowest currency in the world is Venezuelan Sovereign Bolívar.

This the cheapest currency in the world, which makes it the only currency worldwide with the lowest currency value.

The Iranian Rial is the world’s second worst currency with the second lowest currency value.

Against the US Dollar, below are the top 10 world’s weakest currency today.

The US Dollar is used to compare these currencies because it currently holds the first place as the most traded currency in the world.

Lowest Currencies In The World:

  1. Venezuelan Sovereign Bolívar 189,928 VES = 1 USD
  2. Iranian Rial 45,825 IRR = 1 USD
  3. Vietnamese Dong 23,267.71 VND = 1 USD
  4. Indonesian Rupiah 14,785.73 IDR = 1 USD
  5. Uzbek Sum 10,133.16 UZS = 1 USD
  6. Sierra Leonean Leone 9,781.13 SLL = 1 USD
  7. Guinean Franc 9,415.39 GNF = 1 USD
  8. Lao or Laotian Kip 9,000.12 LAK = 1 USD
  9. Paraguayan Guarani 6,584.58 PYG = 1 USD
  10. Cambodian Riel 4,102.79 KHR = 1 USD
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As of this year, the world’s weakest currencies are as ranked above.

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