Meet The Guy Who Comments “What Country Is This” on TikTok

TikTok guy commenting which country is this

His global now, almost every TikTok user has definitely come across his comments asking “which county is this” or sometimes “I have a question”.

The comments are everywhere, and no one understands because every account is different on the profile of the guy’s comment but the profile picture is the same.

So who’s the guy that comments on TikTok videos asking the creator “which country is this”?.

The picture of the guy that comments on the videos on TikTok is the one below.

But is he really the guy that actually comments on thousands of videos all at once, from old TikTok videos to the new ones?.

TikTok is an online platform, which means that you need the internet to use TikTok and TikTok itself needs the internet to work.

The internet can have bots and spam, which are different some are good some aren’t.

A bot is a software program that operates on the Internet and performs repetitive tasks.

While some bot traffic is from good bots, bad bots can have a huge negative impact on a website or a social media app.

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