List Of Best Meru Girl Names and Their Meanings 2024

For a new baby girl name from the Meru tribe in Kenya, you want a beautiful, unique and powerful name for the beautiful young girl.

If you are looking for Meru female names for a new baby girl then we are here to help with a list of the best Meru baby girl names and their meanings in Meru enthic group.

The Meru or Amîîrú are a Bantu ethnic group that inhabit the Meru region of Kenya.

The region is situated on the fertile lands of the north and eastern slopes of Mount Kenya in the former Eastern Province.

The word Meru means ‘shining light’ in the Meru language. Women from this tribe in Kenya are among the most beautiful ladies in Kenya by tribe.

With that being put across, here is the list of girl names from the Meru tribe and their meanings.

Till Today, Ruguru and Makena are the most beautiful women Meru names in Kenya.

Female Meru Names With Meanings:

Ruguru – This means that the namesake comes from the Western side from the baby’s home.

Makena – means a cheerful and always happy girl

Kaweria – means the Loving one

Kagwira – This is synonymous to Makena.

Mutune – The namesake belonged to a clan of Ntune.

Mukwadadi – The namesake’s nyoni name was Dadi.

Konini – means small girl

Kangai – The name is for girl babies that have cheated death narrowly due to sickness.

Kendi – means a beautiful girl who loves and is known to do good to people.

Kiendi – The name is synonymous to Kendi.

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Mugure – means already purchased.

Kagendi/ Kagendo – This is a name given after a namesake that was known to be moving from one place to another without settling down.

Kanyua – means potential female drunkards. The name reflects those that are notorious in taking of beer.

Umotho – means that the namesake comes from the South.

Urio – means that the namesake comes from the North.

Mukwanjiru – The namesake belonged to a clan of Airu.

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