Top 10 Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Via M-pesa 2024

Online Jobs That Pay Through M-pesa

In the face of evolving job markets and high unemployment rates in Kenya, online jobs offer individuals a unique opportunity to gain financial independence and flexibility and leverage their skills in a borderless digital landscape.

Online jobs provide a chance to tap into diverse industries, harness personal talents, and create income streams from the comfort of one’s home.

This modern approach not only allows Kenyans to navigate the challenges of traditional employment but also empowers them to forge their professional paths, adapt to changing market demands, and find stability in Kenya’s ever-evolving job market.

A unique advantage for Kenyan freelancers is the convenience of receiving payments through M-Pesa, a revolutionary mobile money service.

This article dives into ten exciting online job categories available in Kenya, each providing the added benefit of M-Pesa payments.

Online Jobs In Kenya That Offer M-Pesa Payments:

1. Freelance Writing Jobs:

Freelance writing is a dynamic field where wordsmiths can thrive as they earn money.

Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer connect Kenyan writers with clients seeking entertaining articles, blogs, and website content.

Your creativity and expertise can turn your passion for writing into tangible earnings through M-Pesa.

2. Online Captioning Jobs:

Online captioning might be your pick if you have a mastery for accurately transcribing spoken words into written text.

Platforms like Rev offer captioning opportunities for videos, webinars, and podcasts, enabling you to earn M-Pesa income while sharpening your transcription and language skills.

3. Online Typing Jobs:

Online typing jobs are a promising avenue for those Kenyas with proficient typing skills.

Data entry tasks on platforms like Clickworker allow Kenyans to earn M-Pesa rewards by inputting information accurately and efficiently.

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4. Freelance Web Designing:

Freelance web designing lets your creative touch flourish while earning M-Pesa payments.

Websites like Toptal and 99designs connect talented Kenyan designers with clients seeking captivating digital designs for their online platforms and businesses.

5. Social Media Marketing and Influencing:

For Kenyan social media enthusiasts, platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer opportunities to monetize your online presence.

Kenyans can leverage their online following into M-Pesa income by becoming social media influencers or offering marketing services.

6. Forex Trading:

For those brave enough and interested in finance and trading, forex trading presents a unique chance to earn money online.

Kenyans can turn forex trading into a profitable venture with M-Pesa payouts by learning the complexities of currency exchange and market trends.

7. Social Media Manager:

It is becoming a norm that businesses worldwide need skilled social media managers to curate engaging online content and interact with their audience.

Kenyan freelancers can offer services on platforms like Freelancer and PeoplePerHour, earning M-Pesa rewards for their digital services.

8. Blogging:

Blogging is a powerful platform for sharing your thoughts, expertise, and passions.

Platforms like WordPress and Blogger allow skilled Kenyan bloggers to earn through sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and advertisements while enjoying the ease and benefit of M-Pesa transactions.

9. Online Surveys:

Engaging in online surveys through platforms like Toluna and Opinion Space allows Kenyans to share their opinions on various and specific topics while accumulating points that can be converted into M-Pesa payments.

10. Virtual Assistants:

With the advancements in technology and the growing online communities, virtual assistants are crucial in assisting businesses with tasks ranging from email management to research.

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Platforms like TimeEtc allow Kenyan freelancers to showcase their organizational skills while earning M-Pesa rewards directly to their phones.


As Kenya embraces digital evolution, it is becoming relevant to delve into online employment opportunities that expand with the convenience of M-Pesa payments.

These ten categories demonstrate the diversity and potential of online work for all Kenyan freelancers.

By exploring opportunities such as freelance writing, captioning, and web designing, more Kenyans can harness their skills to earn income while enjoying the seamless convenience of M-Pesa transactions.

Whether you’re a creative, a trader, a marketer, or an organizer, the world of online jobs in Kenya offers a path to financial independence with the added perk of M-Pesa rewards, which is akin to self-employment as it allows Kenyans to independently manage their tasks, time, and projects, offering a sense of independence and control over their work.

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