30 Pick Up Lines In Ghana [Dirty, Cheesy, Funny] 2024

Pick up lines in Ghana

Pick up lines play a huge role in helping you ask out the person of your dreams.

Actually, a very large percentage of couples in the world started off by a pick up line.

It might be a cheesy pick up line, nusty pick up line, funny pick up line, clever pick up line, cute pick up lines, you name it.

To help you out in asking a Ghanaian girl out, here are the best pick up lines in Ghana today.

In Ghana, your pick up line matters, so be sure to choose the best pick up line from this article to use to flirt with a Ghanaian lady.

With no further ado, below is the combined random list of the best pick up lines to use in Ghana today.

Best Pick Up Lines In Ghana:

Getting the attention of a girl in Ghana that you like has never been easy, until now…

You must be an Accra-bat, because I’m Ghana bend you in all kinds of ways.

Give me your number if I’m wrong. The sun goes around the Earth, right?

Are you an electrician? Because you light me up!

Does your mother need a son-in-law?

Did it hurt to put the stars in your eyes?

(walk up to her and say) The moon must miss her brightest star.

Is it okay for you to be here? I mean, people will expect you to rise at dawn tomorrow.

Hey, do you have a dictionary? ‘Cause I do not seem to know a word to describe how gorgeous you are.

Getting the attention of a girl in Ghana that you like has never been easy, until now…

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As a law obliging citizen, I absolutely have to call the police. Isn’t it illegal to look so gorgeous?

Oh, I guess I have lost something. Ah, now I remember, I gave it to you – my heart.

Do you have superpowers? Because I seem to be hypnotized by you.

If you were a lemon, you’d be a sweet one.

Let’s make an exchange. You’ll give me your phone number, and I will give you my name.

Have I seen you somewhere? Oh, in the sky at night!

How do you live with it?. Your beauty.

I do not even want to know your name because I will give you mine.

What was your favorite subject? I am quite good at chemistry.

Your beauty defies all laws of nature.

You’re like a fairytale, simply unbelievable.

I think your hands are perfect for holding my heart. Wanna see if your heart fits my hands?

Sorry for not being there when you fell from heaven. I should have caught you.

Let’s go on a date! What will your positive answer be?

Can you pinch me? ‘Cause I think I am having a dream with the most magnificent woman in it.

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