Top 10 Richest Artists In Tanzania [Forbes Rank] 2024

Richest Bongo Artist in Tanzania

In Tanzania, Bongo music is the leading music genre not only in the country but also taking over East Africa by storm.

Today, Bongo music has made many famous Tanzanian artists millionaires just by being good in their art and singing amazing bongo songs.

If you are a fan of Tanzanian music, then you will probably recognize these names of the wealthiest Tanzanian musicians.

When it comes to the richest musicians in TZ these are the top 10 most wealthy and the most successful Tanzanian artists ranked.

Who is currently the richest artist in Tanzania today?

Talented Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz is the richest artist in Tanzania today with an estimated net worth of over $8.9 million dollars, according to Forbes.

Professor Jay is the second richest musician in Tanzania by net worth.

Below is the list ranking of the top 10 most wealthy artists in the republic of Tanzania.

Who is the best artist in Tanzania?.

Diamond Platnumz is with no doubt the best artist in the country as of this year.

Richest Artists In Tanzania:

  1. Diamond Platnumz. Net Worth: $8.9 million.
  2. Professor Jay. Net Worth: $7.29 million.
  3. Ali Kiba. Net Worth: $7 million.
  4. Singer Lady Jaydee. Net Worth: $6.5 million.
  5. Juma Nature. Net Worth: $1.9 million.
  6. Juma Jux. Net Worth: $1.5 million.
  7. Harmonize. Net Worth: $1.3 million.
  8. Vanessa Mdee. Net Worth: $1.2 million.
  9. Baraka Da Prince. Net Worth: $1.1 million.
  10. Rapper AY. Net Worth: $1 million.
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