Top 10 Richest Banks In Kenya 2023

What’s the richest bank in Kenya?.

Kenya is one of the leading African countries by the level of bank safety and advanced banking technologies.

In Kenya, there are banks that are leading as the wealthiest financial institutions in the country today.

This year, these are the top 10 largest banks in Kenya and currently the top richest banking companies.

Kenyan banks have millions of members who save and transact billions of dollars in Kenya alone.

If you have a bank account in Kenya, find out today if your current bank is among the richest and the largest banks in kenya.

The Richest banks in kenya ensure that your money is safe because the banking institution is one of the biggest banks in the country.

Equity Bank Group is currently the biggest bank operating in Kenya as of this year.

The institution registered an asset value of approximately 10 billion U.S. dollars.

With assets worth more than 9 billion United States dollars, KCB bank ranks at the second place.

Here are Kenya’s richest banks with the largest assets in Kenya.

Richest Banks In Kenya:

  1. Equity Bank Group – $10 Billion
  2. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) – $9 Billion
  3. NCBA Bank – $4 Billion
  4. The Co-operative Bank of Kenya – $4 Billion
  5. Diamond Trust Bank Kenya – $3 Billion
  6. Absa Bank Kenya (formerly Barclays) – $3 Billion
  7. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya – $2 Billion
  8. Stanbic Bank Kenya – $2 Billion
  9. I & M Bank – $2 Billion
  10. Prime Bank – $1 Billion
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