Top 10 Richest Tech Billionaires In America 2024

Who is the richest tech billionaire in the U.S?.

In general, the USA has over 730 billionaires as of this year, out of these billionaires in the USA, only around 7 are American black billionaires.

One of the ways these billionaires in the United States made their money is through technology.

In this article, we have ranked the top 10 most wealthy tech people in America with respect to their Net Worth.

According to Forbes list, these are the top 10 richest tech billionaires ranked by their Net Worth as of this year.

With that being said, here are the top ten technology guru who are the most wealthy in America today.

With an estimated net worth of more than $205 billion dollars, Jeff Bezos is currently the richest tech billionaire in America.

Here are the top ten most wealthy American billionaires who are in the tech industry. Richest technologist.

America’s Richest Tech Billionaires:

  1. Jeff Bezos

Net Worth: $205 billion.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg

Net Worth: $134.5 billion.

  1. Bill Gates

Net Worth: $134 billion.

  1. Larry Page

Net Worth: $123 billion.

  1. Sergey Brin

Net Worth: $118.5 billion.

  1. Larry Ellison

Net Worth: $117.3 billion.

  1. Steve Ballmer

Net Worth: $96.5 billion.

  1. MacKenzie Scott

Net Worth: $58.5 billion.

  1. Michael Dell

Net Worth: $50.1 billion.

  1. Pierre Omidyar

Net Worth: $25.3 billion.

The wealthiest tech people in usa are actually the founders, CEOs and owners of some of the world’s largest tech companies today.

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