Shembeteng Dictionary: Popular Words, Meanings, memes and Shembeteng facts 2024

Shembeteng dictionary

Have you come around the new Sheng language in Kenya popularly known as Shembeteng?.

Here is how to speak in Shembeteng language correctly, funny Shembeteng memes, and Popular words used in the Shembeteng language and their meanings.

The language follows five different variations of the usual vowels in the format of: Mbata, Mbete, Mbiti, Mboto, Mbutu.

All you need to do is add either Mbata, Mbete, Mbiti, Mboto or Mbutu into existing words to completely change how they sound.

The Mbata, Mbete, Mbiti, Mboto or Mbutu take cue from a preceding vowel in any word;  like ‘Mbiti’ will follow the vowel I, ‘Mbutu’ follows the vowel U and so on and so forth.

Take ‘Shembeteng’ for instance, the vowel in the Original word ‘Sheng’ is ‘e’. So the ghetto vowel to use is ‘Mbete’.

More, ‘shembeteng’ examples;

Love. Vowel O- Ghetto Vowel ‘Mboto’; Lombotove.

Kiasi. Vowel A – Ghetto Vowel ‘Mbata’; Kiambatasi.

Kuja. Vowel U. – Ghetto Vowel ‘Mbutu’; Kumbutuja.

Cheza. Vowel E – Ghetto Vowel ‘Mbete’; Chembeteza.

Remember.. Shembeteng cannot be applied to people’s names

Popular Shembeteng Words and Phrases:

Naskimbitia – I can hear

Nakulombotove – I love you

Mazembete – girls 

Mzimbiting – an older man or a dad

Lumbutuku – dressing smart 

Kizumbutungu – English 

Mshombotosh – a grandmother 

Mrombotoko – mother

Jimbitinga – stupid 

Rumbutungu – money

Kuntaka – a fool 

Zombotote – all of it 

Nakuhambatate – I hate you

Kiambatasi – a little

Wambatangu – mine 

Fomboto – follow

Gembeteto – ghetto

Jembeteshi – a group or a gang

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