25+ Real Signs She Is Pretending To Love You

Is she pretending to love me?.

To find out if she is actually just pretending to be in love with you but deep down she is faking her love for you.

With the help of relationship experts and real life people who have been in such a situation before, we have provided a comprehensive list of 25 of the most accurate signs that a girl is pretending to love you.

Love can be tough sometimes and that is OK, but what is NOT OK is being in a relationship with a partner that isn’t really interested in the relationship.

To avoid in vainly investing your time, money, emotion and energy on a relationship that is basically based on pretends.

Here is the list of 25 Signs that your girl is really pretending to love you.

Love and Sacrifice go hand in hand, which means that both of you need to sacrifice certain things to make your beautiful love story flourish.

With this accurate signs you will be able to know if your girlfriend or your woman is pretending to love you, because love is a two way traffic, the feeling has to be mutual to make a relationship between the two of you to succeed and last for a lifetime.

Below is a list of all the signs and characteristics of a girl/women who is pretending to love their partner but they are not genuinely interested in them.

Signs She Is Pretending To Love You:

Signs She’s just pretending to love you are;

  1. She is not active in the relationship even though you two are apparently a couple
  2. Constant communication is not necessary for her, and as you know, communication is the backbone of every relationship
  3. She always has an excuse on almost everything and anything
  4. She doesn’t discuss the future with you at all
  5. She never puts an effort to resolve any kind of fights that happened between the two of you
  6. You are not her priority! She does not make you a priority in her life
  7. She looks for alternatives during your absence, which means that she can easily replace you
  8. She’s always preoccupied, and that never seems to change no matter how hard you try
  9. She makes no sacrifices for you but she still claims that she loves you
  10. She Never Calls or Text First, she always wants you to be the first one to initiate a conversation, this may mean that she doesn’t miss you
  11. She is very secretive with her business, she doesn’t let you know what she’s up to or her plans for the day and other normal things to share with your partner in a relationship
  12. She seems not willing to sacrifice anything for your relationship to grow
  13. She doesn’t admire you nor your dreams nor your future plans
  14. She has no regard for your family
  15. She puts her friends before you while still claiming that she has a boyfriend or a man in her life
  16. She’s Not Committed to you and the relationship
  17. She says it’s over every time you have a little fight, she acts like she is completely not afraid of losing you
  18. She’s Always unsatisfied with your love, gifts, dates and anything you try to offer her out of love
  19. She Doesn’t Show Concern
  20. She is more attracted to your money/fame/benefits more than she is attracted to you as a human being
  21. She’s over controlling and demanding
  22. You can feel It In your heart that she might be pretending to love you
  23. You can see zero Interest from her both towards you and your relationship
  24. She keeps options open almost all the time
  25. She is emotionally disconnected from you
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Those are the 25 sure signs she’s pretending to love you.

Always remember that different girls/women have different ways of expressing their love towards their partners, it is better for you to understand the love language of your partner before coming to a conclusion that she might be pretending to be in love with you.

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