Top 6 Strongest Currencies In Southeast Asia 2023

Southeast Asia strong currency

The Southeast Asia consists of more than 10 countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam to mention but a few.

Some of the countries mentioned above are among most popular countries not only in Asia but the world too, due to different reasons.

Currently, the Timor-Leste is the strongest currency in Southeast Asia.

Below are the top currency in Southeast Asia, which means that their country’s have the strongest currency value in the region.

Against the US Dollars these are the Strongest currency in Southeast Asia this year.

Strongest Currency In Southeast Asia:

  1. Timor – Leste. This country currently has the Strongest currency in southeast Asia.
  2. Brunei. 1 Brunei dollar, BND = 0.75 dollars. This is the second most valuable currency in southeast Asia.
  3. Singapore. 1 Singapore dollar, SGD = 0.74 dollars.
  4. Malaysia. 1 Malaysian Ringgit, MYR = 0.24 dollars.
  5. Thailand. 1 Thai Baht, THB = 0.031 dollars.
  6. Philippines. 1 Philippine peso, PHP = 0.021 dollars

Those are the strongest currencies in Southeast Asia.

Where there are strong currencies, there are also weak ones.

In summary, below are the weakest currency in southeast Asia today.

These are the currency with the lowest value in the region ranked.

Weakest Currencies In Southeast Asia:

  1. Burma (Myanmar). 1 Myanmar Kyat, MMK = 0.0084 dollars.
  2. Cambodia. 1 Cambodian Riel, KHR = 0.00025 dollars.
  3. Vietnam. 1 Vietnamese Dong, VND = 0.000045 dollars.
  4. Indonesia. 1 Indonesian Rupiah, IDR = 0.000072 dollars. And finally,
  5. Laos. 1 Lao Kip, LAK = 0.000095 dollars
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