10 Best Supermarkets In Kenya 2024

Supermarkets in Kenya

To meet the daily needs of every Kenyan household, supermarkets are the heartbeat of convenience within the fabric of society, offering a variety of products ranging from fresh produce, groceries, dairy, meat, baked goods, frozen foods, snacks, beverages, household essentials, and personal care items.

From the urban hustle of Nairobi to the quieter landscapes of Embu and Mombasa’s coastal allure, these supermarkets have become integral to Kenya’s retail fabric.

They are essential in providing a one-stop shopping experience for any Kenyan who explores their shelves.

Supermarkets In Kenya

1. Carrefour

Carrefour has a strong presence in the industry with 20+ branches in Kenya, most located within Nairobi, which bring an international touch to Kenyan shopping.

With its promotions, leaflet specials, fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables, dairy and eggs, meat and poultry, an electronic zone for smartphones, and large and small appliances, Carrefour offers a diverse selection.

Its reputation for imported products and global standards is significant. Satisfy your interest by gaining insights into their coverage at: www.carrefourkenya.com.

2. Chandarana Foodplus

With branches in over 15 locations within Nairobi, Chandarana Foodplus redefines what premium shopping entails.

This supermarket boasts a curated range from fresh organic produce to international gourmet commodities.

A standout attribute of Chandarana Foodplus is its strong focus on sustainability, supporting local farmers and crafters.

And to stay on board with the latest technology, Chandarana offers an online shopping experience.

The website provides more information on its products at: www.chandarana.com.

3. Naivas Supermarket

With an impressive network of 70-plus branches across various counties in Kenya, Naivas has become synonymous offering an assortment of products.

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These products span from groceries, electronics, and household items, backed by competitive prices and regular promotions to clients.

Naivas proudly boasts its accessibility efforts in ensuring it reaches remote locations nationwide. For more details, visit: www.naivas.co.ke.

4. Khetia’s Supermarket

Khetia’s supermarket has established its presence with 15 stores, mainly in the Western side of Kenya and one in Nairobi, whose scope offers products, including groceries, fresh produce, and household essentials. Khetia’s addresses the all-encompassing needs of every Kenyan shopper.

One thing that truly distinguishes this supermarket is its strong local roots and engagement with the community.

By tailoring its products to suit the residents’ preferences and promoting a sense of familiarity, Khetia’s creates a shopping experience that goes beyond monetary transactions, promoting a deep sense of trust and connection.

To explore Khetia’s and its unique community-oriented approaches, visit their website at: www.khetias.co.ke.

5. Cleanshelf Supermarket

With an impressive footprint of over 20 branches, Cleanshelf lives up to its name by maintaining cleanliness and organization as top priorities.

With competitive prices on groceries, personal care items, and more, this supermarket is a testament to every Kenyan who experiences a pleasant shopping experience.

At their website: www.cleanshelf.co.ke, there is more to learn about Cleanshelf Supermarket.

6. Quickmart Supermarket

Nestled across over 15 locations in Kiambu County alone, Quickmart is the epitome of what modern shopping entails.

With a blend of services beyond wholesale, appliances, confectionary and fresh produce, Quickmart creates vibrant store layouts while maintaining general cleanliness.

Kenyans can discover more from their online delivery platform that adds to the convenience factor at: www.quickmart.co.ke.

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7. Choppies Supermarket

Choppies brings an international touch to the Kenyan market, considering they have more than seven branches in Kisumu.

Residents can enjoy services encompassing beauty products, fresh produce, and electronic appliances.

A fun fact is that Choppies originates from Botswana and is known for its value-driven approach, offering quality at affordable prices, and anyone can uncover their selections at: www.choppies.co.ke.

8. Eastmatt Supermarket

Eastmatt targets towns and rural areas with over 20 locations, filling a crucial gap that needs to be focused on by most supermarkets. Kenyans can shop for fresh vegetables, pastries, and house accessories.

As a lifeline for communities with limited options, Eastmatt plays a unique role. For more details, visit www.eastmatt.com.

9. Shivling supermarkets

Shivling Supermarket is among the first growing supermarkets in this region, with several branches in Kisii, Keroka, Oyugis, Kericho Homabay, and Migori, offering fair and competitive prices compared to other supermarket chains in Kenya.

The supermarket deals with all household commodities and essentials like rice, sugar, flour, bread, and toiletries.

For more information about Shivling supermarket and all its branches, contact them at +254721 794969 or their website at shivling-supermarket.business.site.

10. Mathai Supermarket

Mathai Supermarket is one of Kenya’s oldest surviving supermarket chains retailing in Central Kenya at reasonable prices, making items primarily affordable.

You can shop for every usable household item from this supermarket, including food, drinks, clothing, electronics, furniture, and toiletries, which offers the shopping experience Kenyans need.

To make inquiries contact the supermarket for assistance through email:
mathai_supermarkets@hotmail.com, or call +254 705 901604.

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These supermarkets, with an endless tapestry of choices, cater to the diverse preference of every Kenyan and their financial capability.

Exploring each based on their distinctive offerings and features, whether quickmart affordability, Chandarana’s premium selection, or Carrefour’s international flair, these retail giants ensure that every Kenyan shopper finds what they need, all under one roof.

With the evolving services each offers, visiting their websites or branches is the best way to get up-to-date information on products, prices, and promotions.

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