Top Rated 20 Private Secondary Schools In Kenya 2024

An array of top- notch private secondary schools that offer exceptional education and a conducive literacy terrain for scholars.

Kenya is home to a different array of private secondary seminaries that offer exceptional educational openings for scholars.

Whether it’s academic excellence, holistic development, or a global perspective, these 20 schools have demonstrated a commitment to nurturing the coming generation of leaders and originators.

Here are 20 best private secondary schools in Kenya that have constantly demonstrated excellence in academics, extracurricular activities and overall pupil development.

Best Private High Schools In Kenya:

1. Brookhouse School

Brookhouse School was established in 1981 it’s an independent British classco-educational day and boarding academy that offers early times, introductory and secondary training.

It’s located in Nairobi, is famed for its world- class education, state- of- the- art installations, and a strong emphasis on holistic development.

2. The Banda School

The Banda School is a British International academy in Kenya offering the British education system.

positioned in Nairobi, prides itself on furnishing a well- rounded education that nurtures scholars’ intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

3. Greensted International School

Greensted International School is a mixed day and boarding academy located in Nakuru, offers a unique mix of academic rigor and adulterous openings, creating a balanced educational experience.

4. Peponi School

Peponi School, established in the British Independent academy system, was established in 1989.

It’s nestled in the graphic outskirts of Nairobi, is celebrated for its strong academic class and commitment to fostering critical thinking chops.

5. Hillcrest International School

Hillcrest International School, grounded in Nairobi, was established in 1965 and is a British private International day and boarding academy.

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Hillcrest is known for its comprehensive and engaging literacy programs that prepare scholars for academic success and particular fulfillment.

6.St. Andrew’s School, Turi

Andrew’s School, Turi, positioned in the Rift Valley, is a introductory and secondary independent academy devoted to furnishing a probative and grueling academic terrain that encourages scholars to exceed.

7. Gems Cambridge International School

Gems Cambridge International School, located in Nairobi, offers a well- rounded education that promotes creativity, invention, and global mindfulness.

8. International School of Kenya

The International School of Kenya is a private International school located in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was established in 1976 and has a 25- hectare lot and it provides an inclusive and different literacy community that fosters intellectual curiosity and artistic understanding.

9. Kenton College Preparatory School

Kenton College Preparatory School is a British International academy positioned in Nairobi.

The academy committed to offering a nurturing and stimulating terrain that inspires academic excellence and particular growth.

10. German School Nairobi

The German School Nairobi is a German International school that was innovated in 1969.

The academy is known for its strong academic norms and multilateral approach, provides a rich and immersive literacy experience for scholars.

11. Rift Valley Academy

Rift Valley Academy, is a Christian boarding academy located in Kijabe, Kenya run by the African Inland Mission. It was innovated in 1906, and it focuses on furnishing a well- rounded education that encourages scholars to explore their heartstrings and develop a strong sense of tone.

12. Braeburn Garden Estate School

Braeburn Garden Estate School has  British curriculum located in Nairobi, the school prides itself on promoting a love for literacy, critical thinking, and global citizenship among its scholars.

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13.St. Mary’s School, Nairobi

Mary’s School, commonly known as Saints, is a private Roman Catholic primary and secondary day academy for boys located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mary’s, is devoted to fostering academic excellence, character development, and leadership chops in a probative and inclusive community.

14. Light Academy

Light Academy located in Nairobi, Kenya offers a quiet terrain for literacy.

The academy has produced academically competent scholars who are inversely socially responsible and culturally sensitive.

15. Pembroke House School

Pembroke House School, positioned in Gilgil, was innovated in 1927 and its British class focuses on furnishing a rich and varied educational experience that encourages scholars to explore their interests and bents.

16. Makini School

Makini School, grounded in Nairobi, is committed to creating a nurturing and challenging literacy terrain that promotes intellectual curiosity and particular growth.

17. Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi

Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi, was established in 1961 and it offers a rigorous and inquiry- grounded class that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and active participation in a global environment.

18. Rosslyn Academy

Rosslyn Academy, is a private Christian academy in Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s an transnational, coed, day academy with a North American class devoted to furnishing a holistic education that emphasizes academic excellence, character development, and service to others.

19.St. Christopher’s School

Christopher’s School, positioned in Nairobi, is a day and boarding academy covering kindergarten, introductory and secondary position of education.

It’s committed to nurturing each pupil’s unique bents and capacities while fostering a spirit of community and cooperation.

20. Strathmore School

Strathmore School, the first multi-racial academy established in 1961 grounded in Nairobi, offers a values- grounded education that seeks to develop scholars’ intellectual, moral, and social capacities, preparing them for unborn success.

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