50+ Best Swimming Pick Up Lines for 2024

Here are the greatest pick up lines that are related to swimming, swimming pool and swimmers.

If you are looking for the best pick up lines to use in a swimming pool, then you got the right article.

These article includes a combination of the most Cheesy swimming pick up lines, smooth pick up lines, funny and cute pick up lines to use as a swimmer or on your swimmer crush.

Best Swimming and Swimming Pool Pick Up Lines:

You make me spread my legs. Are you breast stroke? 

Your name must be flip-turn. I’m always head over heels when I see you.

I’m here for you just in case you quit swimming after you dreams.

You’ve been swimming through my mind since I came here. Could you be a swimmer?

I wish I could leave, but you are as irresistible as pulling on the lane line during backstroke. 

I could look at you all day because you remind me of the black line.

When I’m wet I perform best.

You make my knees so weak; I think you are the 200 breast stroke.

You are one in a million; are you a distance swimmer?

I think your name Taper because you are all I’ve been waiting for.

Girl, you make my knees weak. I guess you are the 100 breast. 

Being that you are always in my mind makes me feel you are the end of practice. 

You are like a gold medal. I won’t stop until I get to you. 

I’m told being wet makes me a better performer. We better get swimming. 

If you were a lane rope, I would lay on you all day long.

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I would like to go on a long romantic warm down with you and split the lane.

You just flipturn me on.

You make my face all red like a low interval sprint set.

You brighten up my day like the anti-fog spray for my googles.

You are my splash-and-dash. You get my heart beating.

Girl, you give me the butterflies. 

You take my breath away like a breath control set.

You are wrapped around my mind like my snorkel.

I feel you are attached to me like my paddles.

My coach instructed me to warm-up and thought I could talk to you for a few minutes.

Can I feel you swim suit?

I just remembered a hypoxy training set when you took my breath away.

I’d wish that my pull buoy’s not be the only thing that goes through these thighs.

I’m Ryan Lochte, the great swimmer. 

I want to smell like you if you are chlorine.

You have been swimming in my mind all day. I bet you are a great swimmer.

Before you save me, allow me to go down a few minutes.

Pulling on the lane during backstroke is irresistible, and so are you.

You take my breath away. Could you be the 200 medley?

You have everything I need. You are my swim bag.

You get my heart racing. Are you a sprint set?

She is the slippery pool deck I am falling for.

You must be a lap counter since I’m lost without you.

Let me lie on you all day like a lane rope.

You take my breath away like the hypoxic set.

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I won’t stop till I get to you, because you are a gold medal.

Oh boy! You got me bending over backwards for you like backstroke.

You must be a flip turn as I am head over heels for you.

You are so hot you are on fire; I suggest you get into the water.

Today I just want to flipturn you on.

I want to help you in rubbing in that tanning oil; you look like you need it.

False start? No, I never have that.

Allow me to hold on your floaties since I can’t swim.

I’d like to go with you on a long romantic warm down ans split the late.

With that hottie la mottie swimmers body, you must be a good swimmer.

Like a pool tile, you are slippery when wet.

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