Top 10 Highest Paid TV Presenters In Kenya 2024

Kenya’s most popular television presenters are earning millions each year, and they’re also some of the highest-paid in Kenya. This article will list the top 10 highest-paid TV presenters in Kenya and their monthly salaries and provide a brief background and what makes them so successful. 

Kenya has many talented and famous television personalities who make enjoyable viewing for people all over the country. These actors’ salaries vary depending on how much their current employer offered them. Still, we’ll be looking at those with the biggest audiences to see where they rank among Kenyans’ favorite stars. The following list contains those celebrities with an estimated salary of Ksh  400,000 or more.

Highest Paid TV Presenters In Kenya:

1. Jeff Koinage 

Jeff Coinage is the host of citizen TV at Jeff Koinage live (JKL), and he’s also involved in the digital and radio markets. He also worked with CNN International talk show. Jeff is the highest-paid news anchor in Kenya with a monthly salary of Ksh.1,350,000 without allowances.  He has an average of ksh.2,789,980, including allowances.

2. Linus Kaikai

Linus Kaikai is one of the most experienced and well-known Kenyan television presenters. He’s been a star in the industry for over two decades, with experience working at KTN and NTV. He is currently on NTV as the managing editor, and he is also the director of Strategy and Innovation of Kenyan television, Citizen. He is the second wealthiest news presenter after Jeff Koinange, earning a whopping 1 million Kenyan shillings as his salary.

3. Francis Gachuri 

Francis Gachuri is one of the most successful media personalities in Kenya. He’s one of the country’s biggest TV stars, thanks to his time at Citizen. He hosts a political show on Citizen alongside Linus Kaikai and Jamila Mohamed. With an estimated salary of Ksh.700,000 monthly, he is one of Kenya’s wealthiest presenters.

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4. Jamila Mohamed

Jamila is another experienced media personality who is a journalist, senior news anchor, and editor currently working at Citizen TV. She is loved for her excellent presentation skills and Kiswahili language. Jamila is one of the highest-paid presenters in Kenya, with an estimated net worth of Ksh.600 000.

5.Mwanahamisi Hamadi ($500,000)

Mwanahamisi Hamadi hosts citizen tv news at 7.00, and she is also a producer and a host of “siha na maumbile” on Thursdays at the Sema Na Citizen show. Hamadi is also a producer of Mwanamke bomba, a show that is once featured on the news. She earns a salary of Ksh.700000 monty. 

6. Tony Gachoka

Tony Gachoka is a political activist. He is a host at KTN and KTN News. Gachoka has an estimated net worth of around 500 million.

7. Rashid Abdala

Rashid Abdala is one of Kenya’s most successful media personalities. He works with his wife Lulu Hasan as Kiswahili news presenters on Citizen. He earns Ksh.550,000, whereas his wife earns Ksh.300.000 with over Ksh.100,000 allowances.

8. Swaleh Mdoe 

Swaleh Mode is one of the most popular media personalities in Kenya. He’s best known for his work as a managing director and a Kiswahili news anchor of Citizen TV. Swaleh has also worked for KTN and NTV as a news anchor. He earns an estimated Ksh.750,000, making him one of the wealthiest news presenters in Kenya.

9. Nimrode Taabu

Nimrode Taabu is a Kenyan TV presenter. The prestigious award winner worked as a reporter and a news anchor of KTN. He then moved to NTV, a senior anchor for a couple of years. He currently works on Citizen TV as a 7 pm Swahili news presenter, and he also does some story coverage..Nimrode earns a decent salary, but he ranks among the top paid news presenters.

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10 Lilian Muli

Lilian Muli is one of Kenya’s most famous and top news presenters. She worked for the KTN creation division in 2005. Six years later, she moved to Citizen, where she has worked to date. Muli has hosted popular shows such as slim possible show. She earns approximately Ksh.490,00 monthly, ranking her the top paid female presenters.

Those are some of Kenya’s highest paid Journalists in the country today. The highest-paid TV personalities in Kenya are some of the most renowned celebrities in Kenya.

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