50+ Best Vampire Pick Up Lines 2024

Vampire pick up lines

According to Wikipedia, A vampire is a mythical creature that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living.

In European folklore, vampires are undead creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighbourhoods which they inhabited while they were alive. 

If you are looking for vampire pick up lines that actually work, then you are in the right place today.

From vampire TV shows and movies, vampire scary pick up lines and funny vampire pick up lines.

Find the list of the best pick up lines that are vampire inspired below.

Vampire Pick Up Lines:

Your eyes share on thing in common with my skin; they both sparkle in the sun.

I wish you could join me for a bite.

When he met me, he asked, ‘didn’t I attend your funeral?’

Let me make your heart beat again.

Would you like to be immortal, for just one night?

I can’t wait to see what you are going to turn into at midnight.

Luckily we aren’t in a horror movie because the prettiest girl always goes first.

There is nothing human left in me.

Your boobs would be double A’s if they were a blood type.

I’d suck you if you were blood.

You’d be my favorite if you were a blood type.

If you were a vampire, we would do some necking.

I not only want to suck your blood but also your toes.

I am not going to impale you with a stake. Relax.

Just to get one kiss from you, I’d take a thousand bites.

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The way you haunt my dreams, I believe you are a ghost.

You look a little thirsty when you look at me; are you a vampire?

You’ll be seeing three reflections in the mirror if you spend another hour with me.

I would seriously hold it against you if you told me I have a beautiful corpse.

Am I sensing simple lust or bloodlust?

Let’s give the children of the night some competition.

What your sexiness is making me want to whip out is not a crucifix.

Van Helsing wouldn’t kill you because you are so beautiful.

Is it true that lady vampires really know how to suck?

I am tempted to take a thousand bites just to get another kiss from you.

There is room for two in my coffin. Want to come?

What they say about the size of a man’s canine teeth is true.

Do you want to stay up all night with me?

I’ll make you forget Cleopatra. 

You can enter me anytime, you have the permission.

That cape would look nice on the floor near my bed.

You’d be dead by now if you weren’t so prototype.

Your life will suck… with me.

You are so hot that you make my blood boil, like the sun.

You are so beautiful you make my heart stop.

You look good enough to be eaten.

You literally look dead sexy.

Batty, that’s what you drive me.

Will you turn into a long hard bat for me?

Do you want to know what I turn into past midnight?

My teeth keep thinking about your neck. I wonder what’s wrong with them.

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Lasting power means rigor mortis.

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