Top 10 Kenyan Tribes With The Most Handsome Men 2024

Which tribes in Kenya have the most good looking men?.

Find out today if your tribe is among the top 10 Kenyan tribes that are known and confirmed to be having the highest number of handsome men.

There are about 42 tribes in Kenya and there are three main language groups in which the tribes in Kenya can be divided:

  • Bantu-speaking tribes: Kikuyu, Akamba, Meru, Embu, Tharaka, Mbere, Gussi, Kuria, Luhya, Mikikenda, Swahili, Pokomo, Segeju, Taveta, Taita
  • Nilotic-speaking tribes: Maasai, Samburu, Teso, Turkana, Elmolo, Njemps, Kalenjin, Marakwet, Tugen, Pokot, Elkony, Kipsigis, Luo
  • Cushitic-speaking tribes: Rendille, Somali, Boran, Gabbra, Orma, Boni.

Out of all these tribes in the beautiful land of Kenya, these are the top 10 tribes with the most handsome guys.

If you want to get married in Kenya today, the best tribes to get a good looking, strong and healthy husband is definitely from one of these tribes.

In Kenya today, maasa are the most popular and loved tribe not only in Kenya but across the world at large.

Find out below which Kenyan tribe has the most handsome men.

Most Handsome Tribes In Kenya:

  1. Luhya
  2. Kikuyu
  3. Luo
  4. Kisii
  5. Taita
  6. Somali
  7. Meru
  8. Embu
  9. Maasai
  10. Kalenjin
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