Meet Kino Yves: Everything About The French YouTuber Traveling Across Continents

Kino Yves wikipedia

Kino Yves wikipedia – Kino is a French YouTuber from France who travels across countries and continents and records his journey which are all posted on his YouTube channel.

The Story Of Kino Yves:

Kino Yves started his journey in France, through Europe, and then the Middle East and now at the time of this writing in East Africa, Kenya to be more precise.

His bike broke down in Kenya and needed repair which will take a while and that’s one of the reasons his staying in Kenya for a much longer period of time compared to other countries as he waits for his bike to be fixed.

Filming the videos during his stops consumes a lot of time, hence delaying his arrival in Kenya by 2 years.

It would have taken him 6 months to arrive in Kenya if he had cycled continuously. 

Kino Yves is single and doesn’t have a wife or a girlfriend. He choses to travel alone because he doesn’t like having company while traveling.

YouTube is currently his source of income, financing his journey by posting regular video updates of his escapades.

Kino Yves is 38 years old in 2023 and plans to arrive in South Africa before he is 40.

Kino Yves was an engineer who pursued his engineering career in Southern France.

He has worked for 2 years in gas and traveled the world before for 2 and a half years.

He had saved enough money to start traveling and now YouTube is basically his job.

He plans to settle down with a partner who can adapt to his routine and unconventional way of life. 

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