Meet Andrew Levi “Junior” From Becky On Citizen TV

Who is the lead star actor who plays the role of Junior in the new Citizen TV drama Becky?.

Becky the new TV show on Citizen TV features some of the most talented Kenyan actors and actresses who have also appeared in other popular TV series and Kenyan movies.

Where to watch Becky:

Becky airs on Citizen TV on Mondays to Fridays from 7.30PM to 8:00PM, and it was one of the most anticipated TV show after the previous one (Sultana) came to an end.

Who is ‘Junior’ Andrew Levi:

Junior is the lead male actor of the TV show Becky which airs only on Citizen TV and Viusasa.

He is a tall, dark and handsome talented young fella with a voice that has got many young Kenyan girls talking.

Junior who’s real name is Andrew Levi has a secret affair with their house maid who is the lead actress playing ‘Becky’ real name Lucy Maina.

The two have a child together and Junior’s current wife Trisha has no idea….this will soon unfold as the show goes on.

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