Top 20 Richest Goalkeepers In The World 2024

Richest Goalkeepers In the world

Who is the richest goalkeeper in the world today?

By how wealthy football goalkeepers are, these are the top best goalkeeper in the world and the richest goalkeepers.

In the football world, one of the highest paid players are goalkeepers.

Goalkeeping is not an easy task and that is why most of the goalkeepers are among the richest and most wealthy players.

If you are a football fan, I bet you know how tough and dependent a whole football team can be of a goalkeeper.

This is one of the major reasons why goalkeepers are among the most paid in football.

Today, with respect to net worth and their income per match.

These are the world’s top highest paid and the wealthiest football goalkeepers today.

If you have ever wanted to know how wealthy and rich a goalkeeper of your favorite football club is, then here is the ranking of the most richest goalkeepers.

This year, David De Gea is still the richest football goalkeeper in the world with an estimated net worth of over $50 million.

Here are the best goalkeepers today and the richest of them all.

Richest Goalkeepers In The World:

  1. David De Gea, Net Worth – $50 million.
  2. Manuel Neuer, Net Worth – $48 million.
  3. Iker Casillas, Net Worth – $46 million.
  4. Hugo Lloris, Net Worth – $30 million.
  5. Thibaut Courtois, Net Worth – $25 million.
  6. Petr Cech, Net Worth – $25 million.
  7. Gianluigi Buffon, Net Worth – $20 million.
  8. Salvatore Sirigu, Net Worth – $18. 9 million.
  9. Marc Andre Ter Stegen, Net Worth – $17 million
  10. Keylor Navas, Net Worth – $15 million.
  11. Jan OBlak
  12. Wojciech Tomasz Szczęsny
  13. Samir Handanović
  14. Bernd Leno
  15. Hugo Hadrien Dominique Lloris
  16. Dean Bradley Henderson
  17. Jordan Lee Pickford
  18. Rui Pedro dos Santos Patrício
  19. Pau López Sabata
  20. Vicente Guaita Panadero
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