Top 10 Richest Men In Kenya [Forbes Rank] 2024

When it comes to African countries, Kenya is among the richest countries in the continent of Africa.

Which means that Kenya is filled with extremely wealthy tycoons who are famous and others are supper wealthy but unknown by most people.

In Kenya today, there are men who are worth billions of dollars, currently living in Kenya and are mostly Kenyan citizens.

Most of them either have a wealthy background, flourishing businesses and investments among others.

With respect to net worth and how wealthy a single Kenyan man is this year, we have ranked the top 10 richest man in Kenya today.

Who is the richest person in Kenya?

Currently, Vimal Shah is the richest man in Kenya according to Forbes.

Vimal Shah has a total net worth of Ksh. 200 billion making him the wealthiest man alive in Kenya.

He is the owner of Bidco Africa Oil Refineries.

Narendra Raval (Guru), Chairman of Devki Group of Companies East Africa, is the second richest man in Kenya with a net worth of Ksh. 130 billion.

Royal Media Services company which owns Citizen TV owner and CEO S.K Macharia takes the third place as Kenya’s richest man.

Ranked by net worth, these are the top 10 most successful and wealthy people in Kenya.

Richest Man In Kenya:

  1. Vimal Shah. Net Worth – Ksh 200 billion.
  2. Narendra Raval. Net Worth – Ksh 130 billion.
  3. Naushad Merali. Net Worth – Ksh 85 billion.
  4. Uhuru Kenyatta. Net Worth – Ksh 80 billion.
  5. S. K Macharia. Net Worth – Ksh 60 billion.
  6. Manu Chandaria. Net Worth – Ksh 50 billion.
  7. Peter Kahara Munga. Net Worth – Ksh 38 billion.
  8. James Mwangi. Net Worth – Ksh 35 billion.
  9. Chris Kirubi. Net Worth – Ksh 20 billion. (Dead)
  10. Benson Wairegi. Net Worth – Ksh 15 billion.
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Ranked by Kenyan men only, these are the top 10 most wealthy men in the republic of Kenya today.

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